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  1. Just posted my favorite story! WOOHOO!


    Check it out if you have a chance. Critiques are very welcomed! Mahalo
  2. Just had a blast writing my short story!

    Wow! I don't think I've written a short story since high school. I did one randomly for fun last year, but it only took about an hour and it was just to kill some time. But this one... I don't think I've even had this much fun reading a story! It was an awesome experience. Most of my writing is non fiction. I've made a few attempts, but I was never too committed to those previous ideas. I was inspired by two events:

    1- Last week I went out drinking for my roommates last night on Maui. ...
  3. a slightly scrambled train of thought

    I haven't had much experience with writing fiction. I have made attempts, but have failed horribly in the past. So badly that I would just erase it and try to write something else. I know I shouldn't be so self conscious about my work, but that's a different conversation altogether. I am actually very proud of the story I am about to end.

    I have become very emotionally attached to my characters. Maybe that's the key to a good fictional story? I've spent a few days letting them speak ...
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