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  1. dither's Avatar
    It's a pity that you need the ignore option [ I've come close to using it ] but it IS useful.
    Now I have to wonder.
    And yeah, congrats with the books.
  2. TuesdayEve's Avatar
    Congradulations on the publications.
  3. moderan's Avatar
    I finished it before the competition officially started. I don't spend a lot of time tweaking;I'm on to the next piece. For the most part, I don't do second drafts, I just edit for spag and move on.
  4. Bruno Spatola's Avatar
    Well said sir!

    Can't believe you've finished and polished your story. I've finished mine almost, but I take a lot longer to tweak; I get obsessive to the point of mania sometimes. It's the only time when I pull my hair for reals.
  5. moderan's Avatar
    Thank you both. The poem was written when she had to go back to New York for a while.
  6. Uncivilized Serpent's Avatar
    Oh, and happy belated birthday to your wife!
  7. Uncivilized Serpent's Avatar
    That is beautiful please!! I bet she blushed big time and hugged you

    What a way with words
  8. Eluixa's Avatar
    Ah Mod, that made me tear all up.
  9. moderan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Baron
    You should be writing more.
    Thank you. I respectfully disagree, but then I've seen the ones the public hasn't.
  10. Eluixa's Avatar
    Whoah! That was a good romp, Moderan. Was thinking how I'd like to be in your head for a bit, and then realized, I just had.
  11. Sigg's Avatar
    wuh oh, duane the poet!

    It was actually pretty good. I don't know anything about poetry mechanics so I can't comment there, but I liked it anyhow.
  12. Baron's Avatar
    You should be writing more.
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