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  1. The Image in the Mirror

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    The Image in the Mirror

    It was an imposing mirror, with gilded framing and shaped like a large emerald stone, which fitted well into the front room. It was this that made my mother buy it at the auction.

    On that afternoon, I happened to glance at the mirror, and from the corner of my eye I saw something that shook me up. I could make out a girl’s face. I stood there wide mouthed for a few seconds and for a moment my mind went blank. Was I having some kind of hallucination?
  2. The Future

    The present economic crisis has again brought out the Cassandras that predict misery for the future. In a perverted way this sort of pessimism satisfies the human psyche. It's like the effect of horror movies that excite through fear. At times like these few are those who predict and are listened to about a better future for humankind yet progress has been exponential throughout time. The media prefer to frighten us with doom and gloom because that makes better news.

    On the whole people ...
  3. Does God Exist?

    What is the point of asking questions about God's existence since we have no way of knowing? If a subject is outside our understanding it becomes a waste of time to speculate. Then again, all progress has been the result of speculation - of preposterous hypotheses that finally led to extraordinary discoveries.

    Mental effort leads from one thing to another and reinforces the original idea. We may not know now, but we do not have to accept pre-conceived beliefs. How do atheists "know"
  4. The Advantage of Small Organisations

    Why do medium and small companies do better than giants in terms of performance? When you look at large corporations you are looking at the same thing as government organisations. It is more difficult to hold individuals to account, and pockets are deep, so why worry? Share holders like tax payers are a long way away. The bigger the organisation the easier it is for incompetent people to get lost in the crowd. Keeping your head down and causing no waves is a safer bet so why agitate for change? ...
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