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  1. Olly Buckle's Avatar
    Thank you for your comments everybody. Gumby, I fear we are of a generation; when our owl was a tiny chick she had a cardboard box with peat and a 40watt bulb in it. I'm afraid modern bulbs wouldn't give enough heat off to keep a sparrow from shivering, beware, I bought and built the greenhouse as a birthday present for her, and I admit I have been using it ever since, not exclusively, but I am in there
  2. dither's Avatar
    I DO like that "candle in the pot" idea.
  3. Gumby's Avatar
    Good to know you are feeling better, Olly. I would love to have a greenhouse, that is on my list of 'honeydo's', poor hubby says I have so much for him to do, he can't get to what he needs to do. Me thinks he protesteth too much.

    The terra cotta flowerpot idea, I've seen it placed over a light bulb for heat in a chicken coop, never seen it done in a green house, but it makes good sense.
  4. Olly Buckle's Avatar
    Kevin, over the holiday we visited an event called 'The glow' at the Royal Horticultural gardens at Wisley, they are just outside London and some several acres. It was during the evening and they had a lit walk around part of the garden and a couple of their huge greenhouses. Very impressive, especially where they had lit across water and where they had under lit some of the mature trees with spot lights, some coloured.
    A whole bunch of pictures here, https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUs...er=7&autoplay=
    the lit up tunnel is the frame they grow wisteria on in season.
  5. tinacrabapple's Avatar
    After reading this, I'm getting jazzed thinking about the garden. Currently my garden is under 2 feet of snow.
  6. escorial's Avatar
    Fine read...
  7. Kevin's Avatar
    "Weeds" in reverted meadow... the Native plant resistense underground is watching you.

    Candles... I like candles. The smoke gets to me . She likes to burn them in the house. Candles in the green house. Ok.

    Its winter here. Went to a big garden tour the other evening, Descanso Gardens. To attract the public they installed lights on the tree. Nice. Ambient noise and purple. Sort of Yes, Pink Floyd... the quiete parts before the louder ones. She asked if we could put light filters on our lenses. Probably, yes. Have to check online.
  8. Olly Buckle's Avatar
    Thank you, Mr. Dither. TBH I had not even seen the yellow pencil, there were so many other symbols across the bottom to distract me.
    Birds have been around a very long time, it is my personal theory that we used that period to evolve larger brains but they have used it to evolve more efficient use of their brain, you can't carry a big brain about if you want to fly.
  9. dither's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Neetu
    Now that is stunning, Olly, and quite frankly, I have always felt that birds and bees have a lot more survival skills than "intelligent, bigger-brained" creatures like us.
    Yes, me too.
  10. Neetu's Avatar
    Now that is stunning, Olly, and quite frankly, I have always felt that birds and bees have a lot more survival skills than "intelligent, bigger-brained" creatures like us.
  11. dither's Avatar
    Amazed Mr. Buckle.
    Did you never ever run your cursor over the yellow pencil out of curiosity?
    Well there you go.

    As for the Birds and the Bees, that's pretty amazing also.
  12. Olly Buckle's Avatar
    Blowed if I can see how to edit an entry after it is posted, sorry about the extra 'that'.
  13. escorial's Avatar
    Could I become one of your diciples..
  14. Olly Buckle's Avatar
    Dither, that sounds great, I mix morning glories in with my sweet peas for a bit of variety. There was a friend of mine who ran a scrap yard in Kennington whose chain link was covered in bindweed, the white flowers were lovely in summer. Sometimes the difference between a garden plant and a weed is only where they are growing.

    Looking back, the thing I forgot to mention is watering in, it not only gives the plant a drink when it most needs it after being disturbed, it also settles the fine grains of earth in around the roots properly.

    Neetu, when I was made redunant from my job as a driver I bought a mower and went around cutting grass. Gradually, over the years, I took on more jobs and ended up a reasonable, if not qualified, gardener by the time I retired. It is a great occupation, outside, in a place that is deliberately made beautiful, helping living things grow. Sometimes I would feel sorry for the people whose garden it was, off in the rat race earning enough money to pay me to enjoy their garden
  15. Neetu's Avatar
    Quite the gardener, aren't you, Olly?
  16. dither's Avatar
    Y'know, years ago, there was a house in our street that had a chain-link fence running the width of the front garden marking the boundary. Every year they'd set sweet peas along it and every summer that fence was a wall of colour. I've never forgotten that. It was pleasure to behold.
    Definitely something for me to consider if/when I pack in work.
  17. escorial's Avatar
    Growing stuff is the most important job there is..I can recall watching a prison documentary an an inmate who ran an animal sanctuary clubbed his brother in law to death but I've never heard of a Gardner or model train enthusiast going nuts...maybe all Gardner's are perverts but I've yet to see proof of this..
  18. H.Brown's Avatar
    I have heard of those, however most gardens around where I live are council and we are limited to what we can do or the gardens are already maintained. I enjoy growing on my window ledges though, the summer before last I grew different herbs and lettuces.
  19. Olly Buckle's Avatar
    Have you ever come across 'Geurrilla gardening'? People take over a bit of waste ground like near a rail bridge or a corner on a junction. You have to be prepared to see it ripped up, but on the whole it doesn't happen, people prefer to see it cultivated.
    The other one is simply to look for someone whose garden is a mess of weeds, they will usually jump at the chance if someone offers to clear it and grow stuff, it is not that they want it that way, just they are idle.
  20. H.Brown's Avatar
    I am so jelous Olly, I would love to have a garden of mine own where I can put up a greenhouse and grow my own veg. There is something therapeutic and calming about the gardening process, I do have a chilli plant that I have tried hibernating over winte r, on my window ledge but I always want more.

    Plus keeping pollen plants is not an option for me as I think it gave me an allegic reaction last years mother's day, so growing my own veg sounds like fun. If I lived near youI would definitely be taking cuttings to puton my window ledge.
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