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  1. Leggo my Ego (mild language)

    Originally published here- http://andtherewaslight.org/index.ph.../leggo-my-ego/

    Ego is a bitch. It is the petulant, undisciplined child inside all of us screaming defiantly at the world, “MINE!” It sometimes sets unreasonable expectations and calls us terrible names when we fail. My ego is no different.

    A long time ago in a peloton far, far away I used to be a road bicycle racer. I entered the sport a little later than most serious athletes, my first race

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  2. Hunting for Meaning

    Hunting for Meaning

    I grew up with half my family living in a small town and the other half living on a farm. In the city there was bike riding on the streets, going over to friends houses, and lots of television and spending time indoors. In the country we would walk in the woods, play hide and seek in the cow barn, mess with old equipment in the shed, and, eventually, there was hunting.

    When I was smaller I hunted squirrels and birds. When I ate something I had ...
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