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Zen and The Art of ARRRRRRRRGH!!!

My bike has 15,000 miles on it. Only 15K. And the headlamp goes out. I'm wondering if Honda contracted with Takata on more than air bags. Well, anyway unlike a car (where you have two), a burned out headlamp on a motorcycle is kinda a big deal.

Two options, well three. Take it to the dealership? WHAT? May as well turn in my Man Card right now.

So, I can disassemble the fairing for direct access. The problem is, you need a manual to know where all the booby trap clips and tabs are. It is so easy to break these damn plastic things these days, especially if you miss one. Not snapping plastic today.

I go with the last option: Lay on my back and wiggle between the forks. Hold the flashlight under my chin while I feel for the retainer clip that I can't see. Push, pull, lift, until I lose feeling in my knuckles. Carefully grab new bulb. If you get any oil (including skin oil) on the bulb, it can ruin them. Try to reassemble the whole thing while only being able to see about a quarter of what I'm doing.

Well, it worked. Yaaa. I have mixed feelings. I feel proud that I beat these sadistic jerks. But I also feel some engineers are sitting in a cubicle in Kyoto, laughing their butts off.

I so miss the days of four screws and a phillips head screwdriver.


Real men don't eat quiche, use maps, or open instruction books.
Seriously, I tried the forum specifically for my bike. It's a 2 year old model, and no one has had to replace a bulb yet. The instruction there was about as useful as yelling "Cheer up!" to a person on a building ledge.

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