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Zealots and Mediocrity

I spend some time on other forums, focusing on outdoor activates such as camping, shooing, an homesteading. I'm an unapologetic Survivalist, and I enjoy listening to others' ideas regarding self sufficiency and the off-grid lifestyle. Discussions regarding the best non GMO crops rarely get heated, but gun discussions? My God, you'd think Martin Luther just heard the Edict of Worms was decreed. Holy War is declared.

There are many battles in this Flame War, but the most vehement, heated contests involve the followers of The Divine Black Rifle.
The AR 15 "fanboys" will never, EVER concede one shortcoming of their Holy Spear. Recently, I read an article where one author opined that a rifle is NOT the best choice for home defense. He was viciously attacked in the comments section. I was practically the only voice defending the author.
I was called stupid, a "Fudd" (as in Elmer Fudd), and told that I don't understand basic physics. It was explained to me that a super fast light bullet will simply stop instantly when encountering the slightest resistance. So, of course, a battle rifle shooting a 3000 FPS round is perfect for home defense. Dry wall will stop it... (OMG).

Ironically, I had a heated discussion with a guy running a YouTube channel a while back. He was arguing the exact opposite thing about the same rifle. The YouTuber claimed that his AR could penetrate steel plate. I countered and countered him until he banned me from his channel. I was ex-communicated, so to speak. I questioned the Divine Power of The Black Rifle.

On line, there is a cottage industry catering to the bias Fanboys have for their Black Messiah. In a way, the AR platform has become a Tabula Rasa that one can project anything onto. You can find videos showing the rifle doing everything, from shortened pistol length versions to extended heavy barrel "tack drivers". Room-clearing to 500 yard sniping, your Holy Spear is anointed and can do ANYTHING. And take it from me, making any common sense objections to any absurd assertion is an exercise in masochism.

Personally, I neither "like" nor "dislike" the AR 15 rifle. This makes me the worst heretic:
I was neither warm nor cold, so they spat me out.

Perhaps it's a matter of perspective and life experience. I enjoy shooting old bolt-action rifles. I chamber one round at a time, acquire my target, breath deep, hold and squeeze the trigger. I note the impact, and adjust based on environmental factors, weight of the bullet and such.
Meanwhile, the spaz with his AR in the next lane goes "pew, pew, pew" until he empties his 30 round magazine. His impacts are all over his target.
Part of being a "Fudd" like me is I'm a cheapskate. I shoot one 50 cent round in the time the AR spaz sprays half a box.
But we're both having fun, enjoying our sport. Well, I think the AR Fanboy is. I don't know.
I'm sure the internal smugness and sense of superiority provides them some comfort. You don't have to read much on-line to find that.

I finally bought one (or, rather built one). My AR15 is a "mil-spec" bare bones rifle with "iron sights". I barely have the thing broken it. One reason I got it was my son. Call it peer pressure. All of his Junior ROTC cadet friends either have one or want one. Now that I know my constructed rifle works, I'll take the boy out to try it. He already shoots my SKS rifle well, I'm sure he'll do fine with this one.
But the main reason I built this thing was for survivalist considerations. There are so many 5.56 caliber AR rifles out there, in an emergency, there will be a ton of that ammo available. Although, the way I shoot, a handful goes a long way.

But here's the truth: The AR does not do it all. It's isn't the best choice for home defense, nor is it a good hunting rifle. It isn't particularly good at anything, except for providing a large volume of semi-accurate fire at medium range. Great for war, or the zombie apocalypse. It's a compromise of size and weight. And apparently, everyone loves a compromise today. They, in fact, worship it.

The AR is just a tool. Sometimes you need a hammer, sometimes you need a saw. Just don't try to sell me a "hammer-saw" and pretend it's superior.



I bought one of these, it seemed to cool to pass up. It passed my test of, " I don't want to be on the wrong end of it. Mine is loaded with slugs and double aught.

I have lots of black rifles, they would not be the first thing I would grab.
Plastic- l'm lol. l imagine you like a kid in a candy store - "Oo- oo- oo! I want one of those!"

I have a remmington winchester lever action "cowboy-gun". That's my term for it. It's no bigger than a pellet gun, it's got that lever, and it shoots a 45 colt ( a pistol bullet). I liked it cause I can hit things from the hip. At the outdoor range you count before it hits and there's a poof of dust. Then you adjust. I don't really aim. I point it like a grenade launcher. It's a lot of fun when it goes *clang* on a metal target. You can hit it over and over and over, it's so easy. I think it would work well as a home defense gun. And you could clobber someone with the stock.

Winston- Jr. bought himself an ar before they went illegal. It's cool looking. I don't have a bug-out bag but he does- incomplete he says. Let's hope we never have to rely on any of that, There was the riots here and for a few days it was every man for himself/No law. The Koreans armed themselves and fought because it was their businesses getting burned and looted. We weren't in the bad zone, thank goodness.
Kev: You know, the lever-action Winchester was the original "assault rifle". 12-14 round capacity. And I'm sure you've see the "cowboy action" experts empty the gun in 6 seconds. Accurately too. Pistol caliber rifles are pretty fun and versatile. Perfect for the aggressive coyotes y'all got down there.
And yeah, the Korean grocers of LA... DO NOT MESS WITH. I'm pro immigration. A lot of times they understand our rights and values better than we do.

PW: The KelTec is very cool, but I roll old school with my Mossberg 590. Besides, my shotgun has a bayonet attachment. ?!?
What do those things hold? 16 rounds? I'm with that old Dick Van Patton show from the 70's "Eight is Enough". But two separate tubes is handy.

And guys, I'll admit my bias. I'm am a cheapskate. And those AR rifles can be a money pit. I never wanted to get pulled down that rabbit hole of compensators, optics, custom triggers etc. I like to keep it simple. Y'know, because I'm a Fudd.
I can't see why you would need a high-powered anything for home defense. If you are lucky enough to hear your intruder and reach for your gun in time, instead of risking a shoot-out in the dark I would shot in the air, yell "GET THE FUCK OUT" and call the police.

I can only imagine either a cornered robber or someone specifically there to harm you is going to stay after that.

* admittedly, this is all theory. I've never been robbed before or had an intruder in my home. I've seen video's of people getting robbed, though, and I don't think I've ever seen one wearing body armor or something where you need the likes of a high-powered rifle for.

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