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Zankou Chicken on Sunset- a review


I'm eating at Zankou Chicken again.

For many years I've boycotted.

Back in the 80's I'd had a bad experience.

This was before the murders.

I'd ordered falafel. It was slow to come. I'd thought, okay, they take awhile to brown. But that wasn't it. I think they were just slow and the girl that brought my order was rude. I was dirty from work but that's no excuse. It's a to-go joint, nothing fancy, cheap, fast-food; styrofoam boxes and paper cups.

Anyway, they were slow, she was rude- had an attitude- and then the falafel was rock-hard. My plastic fork snapped off. So after two tries, breaking off first one, and then the rest of the tangs, I went and asked for another plastic fork.

Maybe that's when she was rude. It's been awhile. She asked why, and I told her because her "...greasy, re-fried, dirt clods are rock hard, and the fork keeps snapping off when I try to pierce them."

Really, I didn't say that. Instead, I just ate them, overcooked, dripping from their second cook-bath in oil, and left angry, like I'd been ripped off, boycotting the place until now.

I thought about ordering falafel this time, but didn't. I'm sure they would have come out fine, fresh-cooked, unlike back then. I'm sure all those employees from back then, at a different location, including that rude person that took my order don't work there anymore or are dead. Not that she was old; I think she was younger than I, and I'm still not old.

She may have been a family member. That may or may not have been a good thing.

The place is a success, and they are pretty well known. They've opened many more locations since then.

Good, bad?... Well, it would bad if she was one of the murdered.

That story is somewhat lesser-known ( than the chain). You can read about it if you google.

At the time I don't know if I was aware of it, but it definitely made the news; was well-known in that community, the Lebanese-immigrant to SoCal/ L.A. community.

It would be... One of them, the killer; apparently successful, and his victims, also, -of them. You see they were family members; a cousin, an aunt.

That's why he killed them. Because they were family.

Like I said, they were immigrants from Lebnon. He was the businessman, but the aunt had the recipes. Without him, there'd not have been the business, but without her, there wouldn't have been the success. It her product, her recipes that made them.

And he blocked her out, made her just an employee.

So then after years in business, growing, building a customer base, a big offer came in. A huge offer, like millions...and the aunt's daughter decided to speak up. She and her mother deserved a piece. After all, it was her mother's recipes. Without them there would not have been that success. They'd both been there since the start. But he didn't agree, so there was the lawsuit.

And then came the cancer. Maybe it was already there, but whatever...the important thing was that he got the diagnosis; the prognosis was that it was terminal, and he would be dead soon.

But there was the new deal- all that money- and the lawsuit, which wasn't over.

The lawsuit wouldn't be over before he went. So he decided to make it over. This was to ensure that his heirs- his two sons and daughter- would get the business, all of it; not his aunt, or his cousin.

So, he drove to their home above Glendale-the aunt and her daughter, and shot them, both.

Then he shot himself.

It seems very Machiavellian, and, totally logical, considering the achieved, desired outcome. No more plaintiffs; no more lawsuit. That's how it works. And no consequences for him, because he's no longer around, either.

The food was- mm- not bad. I would eat here again. Service was good.


kaminoshiyo;bt12819 said:
Where’s all of this taking place?
Hollywood section of Los Angeles.

So... I read the wiki entry, and the L.A.Times article online and I got some of the details wrong. First, I had spelled "Zankou" with an 'h' after the 'z' .
Second, it was his own mother and sister he was in a legal dispute with, and that he shot to death before shooting himself.

If you have ever been served one of those small containers of a butter and garlic dip concoction at a Middle Eastern restaurant, the mother, Markrid Iskendarian invented that. It is very tasty, and now, widely imitated.

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