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I'm taking a break from my engaging and wildly popular Home Invaders series to bring you the following point to ponder:

Who are you?

This is more than some clichéd philosophical query, or a rockin' 70's song.

Name the event: Fire, flood, political intrigue etc... You will always find a reporter thrusting a microphone in a "person's" face. But we can't simply call them a "person", can we? There must be a name, and a title. The graphic under the person will read, "Suzy Smith, Teacher" or "Sam Slugworth, Witness". Do you get to choose what title they put alongside your name? Ever?

You can, of course, change your name. Many people do, for many legitimate reasons. But can you change your description, your title? Who decides what you ARE? When you meet someone, it's always name and title. Are we all in The Army or something? When did this social norm become de rigueur, and how the hell can I opt out?

From a psychological standpoint, I get it. It's human nature to put things into categories, little "boxes" in our collective heads. Just one problem: Do people count as "things"? What kind of "Mental Box" do we store the persona of our fellow man? And, most importantly, what if we file wrong?

No one will ask for my input, because I am not "Winson Smith, Sociologist". But, if I ever have a say, I choose "Winston, Froopy Guy who Writes".
A bit more long winded, yes. Yet, does the real world need to be dumbed-down any more with imprecise, truncated speech and writing? We'll save that question for another day.

Think about what you call yourself, and what others call you. If you want, you can even use "Froopy Guy" if you like. It's ok, I won't sue. I'm not "Winston Smith, A$$hole Lawyer".


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