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You may be right, I may be crazy

It's Tuesday. So I took my troubles to class (the project is mandatory but attendance is optional). After loading all my goodies onto the classroom PC, I showed the instructor the errors and he suggested I simplify my expression. So I separated the parts of what I was doing (or trying to do) in one line into two lines. And both parts worked. So I kept it that way.

In other news, my husband broke my recipe database in an unrecoverable fashion yesterday. Who am I kidding? He broke the server. It was cheap anyhow and he's terminating the contract because the kernel they use is so old it probably was part of Napoleon's effort at Waterloo. Which was why it broke so spectacularly.

So, we had pizza for dinner last night because I was in shock and couldn't figure out what to do (my menus were in there, too). He recovered an older version from backup on a different and better server. This week, of course, wasn't in there. I am recovered though. We'll have the planned meals for the rest of the week, though maybe not on the planned days -- the meal that has the longest shelf-life will be last and so on because of the pizza disruption.

I'll do more song-charting tonight. Think I'll do something by Queen or Don Henley (coin-flipping will be involved).

I've got my first set of Colors of Fiction scores for January. Collating scores is uber-easy--it takes about 20 minutes or so, depending on how many entries there are and how hard the math is (Yes, I use a calculator--no, I don't operate it well).

Oh, and did I mention The Plague is making the rounds in the family? Daughter had it last week, Son is almost over it, and I believe Husband has acquired it. Guess who's left.


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