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You don't hear that very often.

My work situation that makes a mockery of the term "fast moving environment". It's manic out there. Add to that that I am acutely aware of my age-related short-comings in the workplace it might not come as a surprise when I say that if or when I need to go to the toilet I often end up running there in desperation. I really haven't got time for that shit. Sorry, couldn't resist slipping that one in. I stopped eating prunes a long time ago.

Anyway, me and my workplace.
I report for work, on time, usually a few minutes BEFORE TIME time actually. I'm given a job to do and then, once having taken a few minutes to assess the situation, I'm off, in my zone, my own little bubble. Setting about the task at hand, as quickly accurately and as safely as possible.

That's not entirely to the exclusion of everyone and everything that going on around me. But, like I said, "in my zone". I won't refuse anyone assistance when it's needed because, as the saying goes, "what goes around comes around" and in my job it really does, come around. And I'm nothing if not respectful. Love others or loathe them, we're all there to do a job.

So, on Saturday morning, I was walking up the hill into town towards my bus-stop when a car going by seemed to slow down as it passed me, turned around at a bus-stop up ahead, came and stopped beside me as I walked.

The passenger-door swung open and a voice said "COME ON, get in."
All the people know that I don't/won't acccept lifts from anybody. I'd die first, I just won't. He knew that and so he was insisting almost. He's someone who once worked at my place and left. As people do.

" Nah, it's okay thanks."
"Come on, GET IN." Was his response.
"My bus-stop's just up the road." Two minutes walk away.
"I know. Get in."
"Thank you."
I thanked him and then I strode off, leaving him there.
" I like you."
Said he as he pulled away.
You don't hear that very often.
" Have a good weekend."
"Yeah, you to".
And then he was gone.
I caught my bus and all is well with my world.

Before you tell me that you DO hear that,often perhaps, think for a moment...

Yes We've all been asked our opinion of someone, and yes, so often we've said, I like him, he's okay. But how many times have you said or had said to you " I like you"?

I try not to form such associations. Making friends almost always leads to falling out in my experience and I just don't want to go there.I don't like conflict. He likes me apparently, I don't particularly DIS-like him, and that's enough for me.

Now move along.



Yes, this kind of interaction would get under my skin too. I like to follow my own code of ethics as well and I very infrequently deviate from them. So the weeks move on.
I often see through your eyes the way I see my world. The self-sufficiency, quiet strength and self-isolation.
People often take one's desire to be alone as a sign of aloofness or being "uppity". I think you like people just as much as I do. You just don't want to get neck-deep in them.
BTW, studies do show that people that are most comfortable being alone have higher IQs and are better adjusted.
Despite both of our proclivities toward isolation, I'll say it: I like you.
Sounds nice to be told your liked D

good response would be

I dont date men
never have never will

and besides my wife wont share me
shes selfish like that

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