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Sometimes you have to accept your actions have caused so much damage to others and things will never be the same again.Often it will be your reaction to what others have done to you and deep down you crave other people to understand why you acted the way you did. Time is a great healer but the downside is that it’s time lost that you can never get back. A week, passes into a month and before you know a year has gone and you wonder, why did it have to be this way.Holding onto the past when it’s not the same today seems a cruel thing to do but often our past is where we want to be. When all you have is memories of the good times you cannot hide from the sadness that seeps into everything you do these days. Walk away from your past life, feels like the only solution but you can’t because the need to be connected is so strong. What else can you do, once you’ve expressed sorrow at what you did and deep down inside you know it fell on deaf ears is hard to accept inside.


I can identify whole-heartedly with this escorial. I'm in this predicament as I write this. I have big choices to make and I'm unsure as to what is right or wrong thing to do. It's nearly at the two week stage for me. I think I was meant to read your article today and you might be a guardian angel communicating to me through being on this site. For that I thank you.

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