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Xmas in 'Merica

Yep. We hop in our 12 year old Dodge, made in Canada from Mitsubishi parts, to Walmart. We buy a bunch of stuff made in China, wearing our clothes made in Indonesia.

Xmas breakfast is Mexican pastries and some coffee and cocoa with Abuelita syrup. Appetizers before dinner are Filipino Lumpia dipped in Cambodian pepper sauce. Watched a bunch of movies copyrighted by Sony on a set made in Taiwan. Dinner tonight was Portuguese Linguicia sausage on French rolls, served with Argentine Yerba Mate tea and applesauce.

Those apples... from OUR tree! Canned by my Irish / Czech wife, who was born near the former Russian trading post of Fort Ross. My German / Puerto Rican butt loves that woman, and her 'sauce.

'Merica. Hec yeah.


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