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Writing goals of the day

So each day I have the goal to spend at least an hour sat in front of my computer to with the intention of writing more into my novel. Even if I just sit and re-read what I have already written I count that as my goal achieved. So today I thought that I would build upon that simple goal and set myself to sit at my computer until I had at least written one more line and I ended up writing another 1,000 words, to my surprise. I am looking forward o reading my novel in full once I have completed my first ever full draft which right now stands at over 63,000 words in it's unfinished state.

How is your writing going?
Do you have any ways which help you write more and more?


went to a walk and talk around sefton park in Liverpool..cost 2 quid and I thought I might get some inspiration to write something but after half an hour of listening to the great and good lived over there over here I just done one and made my way back into the city..went to Waterstones and came across a book called.."Raw Concrete"...just published in hardback from a Liverpool lecturer about the beauty of brutalism and ended up buying it for £25....if i would have said today i will go out and buy a book on concrete architecture I would have laughed...weird thing is it's not making me want to write but paint.....at the moment the urge to write has all but dissipated except for WF....
Take any creativity in any form that it makes you want to express yourself Esc, if I could paint I would. I find that it is always enjoyable to hear about your days, they seem full of fun and adventure.
i'm not very big on seeing other countries and much prefer to find things to do as close to home as possible...yesterday I went to the walker art gallery and asked if anyone there done appraisals on art work...I bought a photo of a dead tree and I just thought I wonder if that's one buy the English artist Paul Nash..the guy behind the counter told me the best place to go is the national photographic centre in Bradford..so i'll be of there soon but i'm of to the lowry Saturday with my brother...only £8.50 return..yeah I just do things like that....
I can not afford to travel far right now and when I do have time off from work I mostly sit and write or catch up on other things right now. I love spring and summer when the weather gets better to go out walking in my local area.

I didn't know there was a national photographic centre in bradford I have been to the television studio measeum which was really good, maybe I will have to make a trip to the one though as its not too far from where I live. I hope you enjoy your visit to bradford, it has also been improved over the last few years.

The simple things are often the most enjoyable sometimes...
I often find that getting myself to actually sit down at my computer or with a pad of paper is the hardest part. I'm a huge procrastinator and will tidy my room, do all manner of useless chores and tasks before writing. It is a weird thing because I love it when I write but always find an excuse not to, even just telling myself that I'm not in the mood. I think its the idea that I could be putting in all this hard work for nothing and that I could stick to my degree and come out with a reasonable job/life.

However, in the last 10 days I've forced myself to have a target of 300 words on average a day for a week. Knowing that if I wanted to I could crack 2k words in a long night session really takes the pressure off and on the first day the words flowed out of me after a long while of not writing much. I have done roughly 5k in the past 10 days and it shows no sign of slowing down.
Also getting on here every day helps. Even if I read no writing or critique anything it helps. Seeing many hundreds of fellow writers pursuing the same dreams as me gives me huge amounts of encouragement. Reading and critiquing is even better. Getting feedback on a piece of work (no matter how negative) is the best. If I can stick to this then perhaps I'll hit 50k words by Easter. We will see...
Yes I know how you feel Jam I was the same after I got out of hospital I sat down thinking I would not write anything and found myself lost in my words and then three weeks later I was on 35,000 words. I love seeing my bar increase towards my target word count, knowing that I am getting closer to where I want my story to end up.

I love writing too and I have also found that being on this forum has helped me loads as I also come here atleast once a day and either give critique, check in on the groups or just to join in on the word games. It keeps me writing or reading.

What is your degree in?

I am hapoy to read that you are also getting further with your own story. Good luck and hopefully I will get to read some of your story sometime. :)
The degree is in Environmental Science. I am second year so things are actually starting to count now. Roll on those January exams!

Yeah its going well thanks, only nearing 7 years of writing it. However, without being over dramatic, I feel like this is a big year for my book and writing as a whole. After exams I'm going to try to write away and during the summer hopefully I'll have plenty of time to make a huge amount of progress towards having some form of complete and well rounded novel. And of course, the people of WF will be "treated" with seeing how it progresses over time.
Although I try not to put pressure on myself like that. My younger, more naive self did that many times over the past 7 years and every time I have failed. 2017 feels good though.....
Environmental Science sounds like an intense course Jam. Yeah I can remember what it felt like at this point in the second year, good luck on your January exams.

I feel like I have not spent enough time on my novel now I have only been writing mine for three years now, although I still have not completed the first draft.

Well I can not wait :)

I am glad I'm not they only person feeling like 2017 will be a good year.
My writing is going well. I suppose I have things a little differently in that I have to force myself not to write. Family, other things requiring creative bandwidth, and of course work tend to intrude and those things definitely benefit from having goals set around them! I am awake now, at 4.31AM, and all I wanna do is boot up my pc and go ... but it will really blow my day out tomorrow so I better not ... sticking to Camomile tea and WF :)
It's hard work no doubt but you get what you sign up for I suppose. Still gives me enough time to procrastinate and write so its not too bad.

I'm just taking my time. There are plenty of people who can churn excellent books out in under a year. So I suppose there's no correct time in taking to write a book.

2016 won't exactly go down as a great year in history for most people I imagine, so it can only go up! I'm also an optimist at heart, so things can only ever go well.

Got to love Shia, Even Stevens what a show....
Yes you defiantly do get out what you put it in Jam. Yeah I won't be publishing mine until I am absolutly, completely happy with what I have produced it is that important to me.

As long as I do not have to stay in hospital this year will make it better than 2016 for me, as the saying goes: life goes on.... So I don't make resolutions that end up being empty asI learned early on I never stick to them. :)

Even stevens was amazing I used to rush home to watch that.:)
I tend to do that, I get sucked into reading what I've previously written, but then I usually get a bit fed up with having sat there for such a length of time without producing anything new. Sometimes it's necessary just to get yourself motivated, though, don't you think? It's not always easy to slip off into your little world when there's things going on in reality, and it just helps ease you back into it.

Good luck with your novel! I won't ask what it's about as I don't want to be too invasive, but may I ask what genre you're writing? Congratulations on getting to over 60,000 words.

I'm currently at the outlining stage of my novel. I've spent about four years developing my characters to be as human as I possibly. Sadly, I'm not, nor ever will be, one of those writers who can turn out something within a year.

I've felt a lot more motivated in recent weeks due to finding Jenna Moreci's channel on YouTube. I think her vlogs are really encouraging. Before I discovered that there were, in fact, other writers voicing their anxieties and struggles on the internet, I was just plodding on in isolation, not knowing if I was going about things in the right way in terms of doing a timeline and such. It's been a big boost to my confidence to know that it's perfectly normal not to just sit down at a computer for a couple of months and reel off a story with little effort.
Hello Solitarymagpie; I am happy that you have found a way that motivates you to push your word count higher :)

I am writing a gothic young adult novel here is a little about it (I do not mind being asked about it):

Rosetta moves to the small town of filey where she must confront a secret past of love, fear and murder. With the help from local lad Lucas can Rosetta solve the mystery that hangs over Wintergreen Manor.

My novel began as an extended short story that I submited as my dissertation at university, I had a word count restriction of 8,000 words and found I had to cut it down from 20,000 words and hated each word I had to delete so I decided to keep a copy and keep writing it after I graduated and now it is still growing but getting better and better each time I write it.

Well you have also found us lot on here now so you are definatly not alone anymore. If you ever have a question you can now ask it. That is just one of the brilliant aspects of this forum.


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