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Writing Advice from a fool of a poet

another piece from years back which is a relevant today as the day I wrote it...

If one is serious about pursuing a writing career or doing it as a devoted hobby one first needs to grow a thick skin. Criticism: be it constructive or otherwise, is crucial in learning ones craft. Not everyone is going to love your work, some or going to downright hate it. The key is listening to your detractors as well as your admirers in equal measure. To dismiss someone who gives you negative criticism out of hand, or as someone who is an ignorant fool, only makes you the fool. You’ll never learn your craft if you’re not willing to admit your deficiencies and correcting them. If you can’t take criticism than don’t make your work public and go live in your writing bubble alone with your delusions of greatness.

If you’re going to submit your work as a finished product, make sure that you correct any major grammatical errors or misspelled words. A publisher will throw your work out of hand for spelling errors alone. It’s a sign that you’re not paying attention, or just damn lazy. A writer is a wordsmith, so know and study the language that you’re writing in.

Before one can find ones Voice one needs to listen to the other Voice’s around them. If you choose to write poetry, read as many poets as you can- experiment with form and style. Know the rules before you break them. Same goes with almost any genre you choose to write in. Know your subject and write from your heart and gut.

Don’t let the wolves eat you-learn to howl along with them….

till next time


I very much agree that increasing your experiences is probably one of the best things you can do as a writer. Not only your writing skills, but your life experiences as well.

However, I am a little less certain of the rules. To me, they are more like guidelines. I think the main point is to entertain, in some way, and if you find a new way of doing this, go for it. Immersing yourself in the rules of the past and the examples of others is to run the risk of imitation rather than inspiration. Either one is fine, I guess.

But liked, all the same.

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