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Writer's block

I'm having bit of Writer's block on starting Chapter 2 of my story. Maybe today will be a break day where I have short sparks of writing if I have the motivation to do so. Usually, when it comes to writer's block, just take it easy. Maybe I'll even find some inspiration.


I take a break from what I'm writing when I hit one of these walls. I chill out and reset my mind,so to speak, by writing other things. When I first stumbled onto wf I found that the colors of fiction challenge helped with my writers block. It was writing just for fun.

Another way I have gotten through writers block was by continuing to write my wip, I didn't focus too much on how giod the writing was but I made myself finish the chapter. Don't get me wring those chapters weren't as good as others I'd written but the keot the story following onto the page. I edited them in the next round of edits.
Like you said, sometimes I just try to ignore writer's block and just finish a chapter. I'm the kind of person, however, who rewrites way too much. My original plotline for my book was changed 8 times before I finally started writing it.
I'm not that bad, once I'd decieded on my plot I set out my character's, what they liked/disliked, hobbies, ect. Then I thought about setting. Once I had all of these nailed down I began writing sticking to my main plot. It was on my first re-write that I noticed a number of sub-plots that I could explore. I still have times where I just starr at the computor and don't write a single word but then other days I do much better and write thousands of them. :)
Yeah. Now that I've finally decided how I want to write my story, I feel like a get more done in an average day. For me, rewriting is just part of the process. A huge part, a but a only a part nonetheless.

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