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World-Building: Who's The Baby Daddy?

Which came first, existence or meaning?

Can meaning exist without something existing? Can existence exist without meaning?

Is meaning real at all? Does it actually exist at all? Is there just existence and the meaning's we impart on existence are just our interpretations of self and all about us?

It surprises me how much the puzzle of the universe, from a logical standpoint, ends with an apparent miracle. The Virgin Birth. Something from nothing. Which came first- the chicken or the egg? Break that down and the real question is 'which came first- creator or created?'. But neither can exist without the other. No logical explanation exists. Whatever beginning you claim, it's point of origin remains incredible unless you say it came from nowhere. It popped into existence. It could not come from a "sub-somewhere" or an alternate somewhere because then you would have to answer for the origin of that as well.

Perhaps there was nothing...and then there was something. Or there was always something. Neither seems credible...

None of this is needed for making a story or anything and I tend to like some of the more goofy creation-myths. But this puzzle is something that perhaps cannot be investigated by physical science at this time. It might be that if one thinks about it long enough, a person might actually come up with an answer to that riddle...our riddle. Who's the baby daddy? (we being the baby)

Still...I wish I could think up something convincing. By that, I mean something that would convince a humorless physicist that whatever I said could be possible. At least for me, it does seem like all things should be connected. Not directly, but genealogically. The physical things and the magical things that exist in a world are all related to the creation of that world in some way because from one...all...maybe. It's such a compelling mystery that even the author may not know that answer...but you can write an entire book about people trying to find out \\:D/


My two cents:
Existence does not need Meaning, but Meaning needs Existence.

People impart, assign Meaning. Existence just Is. An intelligence must observe, quantity and give a value to something.
If "magic" is the intelligence, then it is simply taking the place of a person or persons. It Is not a Thing, as it as an independent kinetic energy of it's own.
For example, the D&D Alignment must be populated with people / creatures. Chaotic Good has no meaning in itself, without people practicing it.

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