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Works in the works

It's been seven years since my first attempt at writing a novel, not counting my NaNoWriMo works.

I've written shorter pieces in that time but nothing longer. But ideas are ever brewing and I need the time to bring them to completion.

Works in the works -

1. Worldly Conversations. (Fiction/Religious)

There's a thread of it somewhere in the workshop. There'll be a lot more of it once I have the time to put it up. It's a piece that's going to be close to 100% dialogue. It tells of the tale of Ben, a man who is bitter and plain miserable because of the way life has treated him. Turning to all areas of life to find answers, Ben has found no satisfaction in all of them save one - religion. His friend convinces him to give God one last try and to Ben's complete surprise, he answers - in a way he never expected.

Most of the literature is going to circle around Ben's conversations with God.

Progress? Roughly 15% done.

2. Blessings. (Fantasy/Sci-Fi)

The world of Thorn is governed by 'blessings', powerful ancient magic spells that control every flow of life. Blessings are given to make the birds fly, the clouds form, the waters flow. But the two greatest Blessings are the blessing of life and the blessing of death. Throughout the years these were guarded by the Prayermen, men born of a holy lineage. One day, these Prayermen disappeared and the blessings of life and death were lost forever. War soon breaks out and Thorn is divided into 3 clans of people - the Settlers, the Drifters, and the Vagrants - all cursed to live forever in pain and suffering. No new life is born and no failing life is taken.

Amidst the war, a bond is formed between four individuals from the three clans, and together they join forces to search for the long lost Blessings. But soon their personal agendas and devotion to their own clans will tear their friendship apart.

Progress? Close to nothing, except plot outlines.

3. Storm Hunters. (Fantasy)

A tale of a young scientist who seeks to learn about the strange light in the skies called lightning. Forrest, an inquisitive clumsy alchemist accidentally stumbles upon an ancient secret - the lightning is actually a crack in the realm of Northgarde, a crack that leads to the evil realm of Outgarde. Forrest encounters a specially trained group of fighters called 'Storm Hunters' who have secretly kept the lightning at bay by causing it to rain and dispersing the energy stored in the clouds that cause these cracks. Forrest clumsiness brings heavy consequences when one of his attempts at harnessing the power of lightning backfires and the cracks grow large enough for the creatures of Outgarde to invade.

A fight begins and the Storm Hunters will have to use every ounce of their strength to fend off the forces of Outgarde and seal them away once again.

Progress? 40%. Stalled for now. Poor planning has resulted in lots and lots of plot holes which need fixing. Might do complete rework.

4. Fallen Angels. (Fiction/Religious)

When Lucifer, one of the great angels, fell from grace, he took a legion of angels with him. They were cursed to roam the earth forever. A small group of these angels regretted ever siding with Lucifer and made a contract with the archangel Michael - they were sentenced to a thousand years of service to mankind and were given a second judgement at the end of it for a chance back into heaven. Nearing the end of their contract, they encounter one of Lucifer's mighty plans to bring down the Church led by one his knights - a demon called Disease.

The strain of the contract and the stress of the fight will test the angels to their very core, turning some against the other and forcing some back into the grasp of Lucifer.

Progress? 0%. Currently in the 'brewing' state.

5. Jonah : The Musical (Musical/Religious)

A retelling of the famous tale of Jonah and the Whale, filled with musical numbers and great comedy. Taking many liberties with the original story, the musical attempts to cast a new light on the story of Jonah.

Progress? 2 out of 10 songs written. Script written partially.

Those are some of the works I have in progress, or rather ideas for works that I really want to do. Whatcha think?


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