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Working the Wrong Muscle

Any Dennis Leary fans here? One of my favorite skits of his was talking about exercise. He laments the idiocy of a "Stairmaster", noting that "...if you want to climb stairs, move into a (NYC) 5th story walk-up. What are we now, gerbils?"
There's much wisdom there.
A New Year means Resolutions for many. If your resolution involves exercise, here's my unsolicited advice:

Change what you do, and how you do it, before trying to cram more stuff (exercise) into your life.

Everyone walks. Walk more, take the stairs, and maybe walk briskly when you don't have to. Plan activities where you are forced to bend, lift, and stretch. Incorporate more activity into your work, if possible (I love the Japanese "calisthenics before work" concept). A ten minute car trip will take you 20 by bike, bring saddle bags and a backpack. The additional weight on the way home is a good thing.

This guy at my work is a lazy SOB. He sits on his butt and web-surfs whenever he gets the chance. Yet, he brings in weights to "work out". I've seen an "ab wheel" under his desk. Still, he uses a forklift move a 35lb box. The only time I've seen him move fast is at the end of his shift.

Don't be That Guy.


Great advice! You're exactly right. People focus on the quantity of goals aligned with their bullets than the qualitative goals set with reasonable measures. I admire the ambition, but it boils down to reality. Most of the time people focus on physical attributes while pushing internal attributes aside. Were you mean last year? Change that behavior. Pull the Adolf out of your Hitler. Were you too nice? Grow thicker skin and tell people that you matter too.

As I work in retail, I find it interesting to listen to the latest New Year's commercials streaming over the radio. The company has one that mentions "cutting down calories" rather than saying "losing weight." I roll my eyes every day hearing it. Why bother with the ad if you're suggesting to count calories? Why not suggest buying fresh produce in the produce department? People are too worried about what they should do vs. what they can do.

Thanks for this post! I wish the best of luck in all your endeavors for this year.

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