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Work Ethic

I met this guy at the bus stop. He looked healthy, but nearing retirement (like many who work at the shipyard). After talking a few talks. I discovered he was taking care od his sick wife (MS) and he was 67 years old. There was no bitterness in his tone or demeanor. He was thankful to be able to take care of her, and looking forward to spending more time with her. Listening to him, I was humbled. Then I got angry.

I began to think about all the younger folk out there, bitching about what they don't have. If they really wanna cry, whine because you don't have someone like my bus stop friend. People like him are a dying breed, literally. They are being replaced by folks like me. I'm cynical, disillusioned and short on hope. Also in my generation are the materialistic know-nothings that just want a boat, RV and a vacation home. And that's what they work for.

Many don't know about MLK's early career as a reverend, pre-Selma. He was a proponent of piety and redemption through work. Our labor joins us to one another, and to God. This theme would resonate strongly later during the 1968 Memphis strikes.

Now, look at our "leaders" today. Congress "works' maybe four days a week, taking long lunches and delegates all their labor to staffers and interns. Is it any surprise they are corrupt, weak and ineffective? They are the example of "success". Make as much as you can, doing as little as possible, then get the hell out.

In the United States, it is estimated that over half of US citizens get some assistance from the government. In your heart, you know what that does to a nation's soul. Even in my work place, I feel like a being from another planet. I actually feel guilty if I am not working to my utmost abilities. Those around me do not. I can't keep it up.

I'm slowing down now. Not because of lack of skill, intellect or strength. I'm just empty inside. I don't work for "things", I work for people. And people just don't care any more. The worst thing is that as hard as I try, I even see my kids infected with this malaise. God teaches us love and compassion. But today, those flow like water over a stone. We're a post "caring" nation. Unless it benefits us directly.

But, I think I have a solution. Suspend the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution. We sure as hell don't deserve those rights anymore.
Bring back The Code of Hammurabi. After enough people are executed for shoddy work, that will get folks attention.


When I see people under 30 getting SSDI it sometimes makes me wish I was like them; shoot yourself in the foot and get bread - zero effort.

It just seems pointless to me to not appreciate the fruits of labor. A LOT of these millennial pieces of shit (people younger than I am) don't have the constitution or inclination to do shit for their fruit.

They wanna sit around, get high, play videogames and post updates on Facebook; they wanna show up, do nothing, and reap benefits for time legit wasted.

Shit pisses me off.

I honestly grew up watching these dumbass motherfuckers develop into the useless pieces of shit they are now.

If I had the capacity to shed a tear for my fellow man, at this point I'd be crying for all these retards running around like decapitated chickens.
My wife and I were eating at a buffet the other day and an older guy noticed I was helping her get her food (she's used a cane, stroke last year) and noted he was doing the same for his disabled wife, noting he didn't see the younger generation doing anything like that and I'm afraid I agreed with him.
so much of that I can relate to. It's the way of the world mate.
I haven't opened it recently, but I'm in the middle of a book called "Leaders Eat Last" by Simon Sinek. A lot of great insights into not only what's wrong with the millennials, but also what was wrong with the generations that came before them, all the way back to the Great Depression. Has plenty of good data and research studies to back it up. I'm actually glad you mentioned the materialists of your own generation, Winston. The book mentions them too, and how big of a problem it's created.

I planned on writing some blogs on it when I'm through reading it. For one, I think the simple concept of "leaders eat last" is - sadly - a mindblowing one today. During times of extreme cultural and social collapse, the simple things we took for granted (say, the idea of responsibility, or work) suddenly seem to become virtues themselves. I'm infected by the same malaise you mentioned Winston.

Being a veteran Winston, I'm sure you thoroughly understand what "leaders eat last" means. But for those who don't, it simply means that leaders are supposed to look after their team. It's an unspoken rule in the military that the higher ranks are at the back of the mess-hall line. It's the "captain goes down with his ship" mentality. Or, at the very least, he's the last guy overboard. Winston may be able to explain it better than me.

In today's workforce, people want to be *led*. They want *leaders*. That's what Simon Sinek says. They don't want to be managed. There's an important difference. Nobody likes a fucking manager. The best "managers" are leaders who are a manager by misnomer only.

And regarding benefits? In terms of science and psychology, somebody giving you a hand-out means jack shit compared to somebody who physically helps you and spends time with you. Somebody giving you a hundred bucks for the moving-truck doesn't mean much compared to the friend who spends their entire day, or even weekend, helping you move, no strings attached.

I'm not saying one shouldn't appreciate the money for the moving truck. I'm just saying that at the end of the day when the score is weighed, the scales don't lie. These people who think socialism and free-money will be the panacea of the world's problems are delusional, and so out of touch with reality I want to strangle them.

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