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Work and play


"-The bosses at the next level up are incentivized to not fix things- it's the opposite. Fixing things involves cost and they are given bonuses to come in under certain numbers. So that's what they do: nothing.

The customers call to complain and nothing happens. We're running skeleton crews and delaying any hardware upgrades." - talk around the campfire.

Actually, it's a table. It's like camping except for we're not in tents, and we have beds, bedrooms, showers, a kitchen; a house with everything.

Okay, it's not camping at all; it's out friends' house. They do live on a lake though, and there are lots of trees and woods around. I guess I just associate that stuff- trees and nature while being on vacation- with camping.

Sometimes they're working from home on the phone, and I send texts and emails for work on my phone.

6 days, and I'm fighting getting-anxious to be back. Work...



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