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Work and Leadership

Kids are always a work in progress. But at this moment, I feel like I can mark down a win or two.

My daughter just started her first real job. It's at a local "Victorian Tea Room", where she hostesses. The job is only fifteen hours a week, but it's a start. Already, she's seen other teens apply and be hired, and just not show-up. Meanwhile, my daughter is being tapped by the management there to refer her friends. She is so reliable and hard working, they want more like her.

That's the dirty little secret. Birds Of A Feather. Good people know, and attract other good people. My daughter learned productive work habits at home, and from her excellent band leader at school. She's never late, and focuses on her work with a zeal most adults never have learned. Her friends are the same. The lesson is there are no small jobs, only small spirits.

My son volunteered to lead the local Cub Scout Day Camp. No one asked him directly. He saw a need and decided to fill it. I think he's already learned the concepts of Leadership and Followership. They are not opposites. They are part of the same force. To be good at one, you must be good at the other. He asked what he needed to do to lead Day Camp, followed adult direction, and did it. He's ready to lead, because he's willing to be lead.

Yeah, some of their success is mine. I'm just satisfied that it won't die with them.


The best thing you gave your kids was the concept that being responsible and willing to do more than your fair share is "normal" no small accomplishment!
My father once said, when talking about me and my brother, 'It's like I can live out a second life through them.'

Us young'uns can often underestimate how proud we can make our parents. :D

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