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Words of Wisdom: Stephen Spielberg

"I like ideas, especially movie ideas, that you can hold in your hand. If a person can tell me the idea in twenty five words or less, it's going to make a pretty good movie."

- Stephen Spielberg

Of course, I like this concept. It actually brings me a sense of peace and sort of encapsulates what I've been trying to do. If you have a lot of ideas, you kind of get into this frenzy where you want to address them all. You want to explore every concept you think of and then you have this urge to make sure people understand your point of view. Soon, you realize your writing something that's far more narcisstic than artistic.

I also learned, recently, that more- aside from exhausing- isn't necessarily better. For instance, I'm trying to reinvent a world from scratch and...it's kinda silly from a certain point of view. I can't help myself, but I know this and can appreciate the reason G R R Martin chose to model his story off the British Isles, Europe, and it's history. It saves him so much work having to actually invent things from scratch. The things he brings up already has a conceptual basis so people are not so bogged down by the details that they can actually engage in his complex plots.

Best to be simple in scope.


Ephemeral_One;bt10414 said:
Hmm, it'd make a fun writing exercise. For me: A monster and his ghost learn to survive, and live.

It does sound pretty interesting. Like...I thought a ghost could only exist when the person is dead. So I'm like...how is a person haunted by their own ghost? But then he's a monster so I'm guessing there's some interesting mechanics at work here.

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