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With a little something (Warning: it's grim)

:) Hi anyone reading me now, I'm here again, this time with a poem in English. I'm posting it here because I don't feel strong enough yet to create my own thread in the Poetry room.
It was inspired by some sad and worrying recent events that have to do with all of us. Feel free to comment and criticise.

I'm the fruit of your World

I’m the fruit of your fear,
the drug your staff takes between beers.

I’m the fruit of your peeping Tom,
the most pathetic striptease dot com.

I’m the fruit of your scorn,
the sense of humor you have stillborn.

I’m the fruit of your sarcasm,
the out-of-battery vibrator deprived of orgasm.

I’m the fruit of your despise,
the virtual bullet rain on your school sacrifice.

I’m the fruit of your hi-tech shame,
the radioactive star in your hall of fame.

I’m the fruit of your blind devotion,
spread over the land in holy explosions.

I’m the fruit of your past,
deafening your present eloquence like a blast.

I’m the fruit of your future,
the post mortem photo of a vulture.

Thank you for reading!


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