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Winter Vacation, or white, white …RED …

During vacation time a lot of people are coming to the ski pistes for the sheer fun of it.
And true enough skiing is double holiday, as you have to stay focused on what you’re doing, hence giving the brain a holiday too :)
So, the father’s taking the little ones to the pistes, where they’re allowed from they are two years of age (some still in dipers :D)
The youngest are send to ski school, while the bigger ones are taken care of by father himself, who wants to educate them in the noble art of skiing.
But alas father isn’t always enough de-stressed after his strenious daily work, which seems clear when he starts yelling at the 8-year olds, because they don’t succeed in coordinating their extremities as he would like it.
We, the elder mountaneers in the ski paradis, cannot stand to be seeing what should be a pleasure trashed down to tears because of a father yelling, but instead of hurrying away, we some times approach for silently telling him to calm down, to breath, and letting the joy of being in the snow overwhelm himself & his offspring :star:
So far so good, but there are others who needs reminders, the young lads home from school visiting the parents and trying to impress the old comrades by skiing off-piste far too speedy, slaloming between the trees.
We preach when seeing stunts that risky, even we know a lot of them give a damn about being cautious – they think they’re above the physical laws on this planet.
But speed-skiing in an area with trees is about as dangerous as speed-driving - go figure !!
And sadly enough, once in a while we’re hearing the medical helicopter coming up over the mountains, the sign of something being terribly wrong.
We hope for the best, even we know it easily can be the worst : a young man laying in a pool of blood, he’s never going to rise from.
This happens every year, a young boy home for visiting the parents is going to die.
Always a young one – when will they ever learn ??

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Well, that brings back a memory of my son, at the age of 31. He had been skiing since age 3, so full of confidence. I had quit for the day and was riding gondola down, only to see him zip into a huge stand of trees below. No helmet, in those days. I held my breath waiting for him to emerge. I can't tell you the relief, and then anger, when he finally did. If I could have spanked him, I would have. He's now 49 and talks about those idiot young guys on slopes. As my dad would say, "Smart, too late (for some)"

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