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Will World Citizenship Work?

I heard about a recent "Global Citizen" concert that was in NYC... Didn't go, didn't really seem interesting to me, but the concept was something that is being pushed more and more these days and I was wondering on it's viability.

Could the entire world come together under the concept of a "one world state"?

One way to think about it is "me" living in a world that is anything but unified, and the other is to think of it from the perspective of the next generations that will, as time goes by, come to live in an increasingly singular, connected world. To them, it's not a matter of can the world be made one. It will be more and more that one.

Whether that's a good thing or not I can hardly say. You'd think that if there was only one world nation that there would cease to be fights and all and we don't have to pay for things like huge, overbearing armies, but...is that pessimism or rosy thinking?

Time will tell...


It would be great if everyone is in a position to buy into it, and has the motivation to do so. Oh, and as long as I get to lead it. Bow down before your king or face my stormtroopers of death!


On a serious note, I see this happening more and more. It used to be that even a trip to the US was rife with "differences" but now, with much more common ground, I personally feel like I have a lot in common with many people all about the place. And then, with this latest ruling in Saudi Arabia of women being allowed to drive, that to me is another positive step (which in the world today is a rarity) I feel though for people in Syria and other wor-torn places, or where there is grinding poverty, for instance in sub-Saharan Africa, who often don't get to participate in this stuff. But in many cases this is due to misrule rather than simple inequality or scarcity of some product. I see more power being taken into the hands of the average person rather than concentrated in leaders who are as corruptible as anyone, and much higher-value targets for same. Faith in the whole concept of "leadership" is eroding. But of course in too many cases all it takes is one power-driven strong man and sufficient numbers of uneducated. A lot of people don't know how to handle power. We fall into line behind it very easily, and there is probably a good evolutionary reason for that, but that is only useful when the power is benevolent. If the average person knew more about how to manage power, I wonder if we would see less abuses of it. But again, all this talks to the rational side of our brain. The gut-reaction lizard brain part of us reacts very differently. We just need to understand that better. That's why I often argue for things like economics and current affairs being taught from quite a young age - because these are the mechanics of our modern world, and the things that matter.
I've mentioned this on previous discussion threads. For the last five years I've called myself a World Citizen, which is quite unusual for someone of my age. I've evolved.
I shall reserve my evolution until such time as the rest of the planet catches up. Our last attempts at collectivism did not go so well ( Google Holodomir, Great step forward, or most insidiously: "The hundred flowers"). The problem with things is that there are people involved. I guess I have trust issues. No, call me stupid, or call me 'Neanderthal' , but I am not willing to 'sort it out after' when it comes to passing these 'bright future' regulations/laws.

I'll you a for-instance:
Our... (scuse me) My "great states" erm...visionaries have decided it would be best if people drove- scuse me again- moved-about as little as possible, and if they do, either by foot or bicycle, or by collective means, like bus or train. Sounds good, right?-- no pollution etc. but what they have decided to do about it is to create more traffic in order to negatively condition the gerbils, er-uhm-- lemmings into taking busses and trains. The problem is that those busses and trains actually don't yet exist (there are some, but it is universally agreed not even close to what would make them useful to get from 'A' to 'B'). Their answer is , first off -that they're not doing that: they're doing it ( causing traffic)to slow down the traffic for pedestrian safety, and then, Okay, they are doing that: slowing cars to specifically annoy/inconvenience drivers, but that they'll figure it all out ( the lack of transportational options) later.
In the meantime, we can all use horse and buggy...
Not sure if putting all the eggs into one basket is a good idea.

In the past, people could flee to other countries if theirs had come under the fist of tyrannical collectivism. Or, they were helped by other nations in the fight to reclaim their country.

In a worldwide collectivist state, your hope is to be on the first mission to colonize the Moon or Mars, and then repeat the American Revolution but on another planet.

The idea of a global government is honestly the most extreme, and most utopian "solution" to very complex problems that could be treated in numerous other ways. It seems to be built, more often than not, on the presupposition that suffering can be eliminated from the world, or should be minimized with such force that suffering in the meantime is acceptable because "the end justifies the means".

So in other words, the consistent infringement and eventual eradication of most human freedoms and rights will be excusable when nobody is left alive to remember them; the only people living will be those who were born in enslavement but do not suffer because they know no better, and cannot imagine better.

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