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Will I ever shut up? Num. 3

'I will die alone.'

A morbid thought.

A few humans will have this thought at some point or another.

Those of us who have many people in our lives need not worry about dying alone. You might die in a hospital surrounded by people who care about you.Even if you die in some freak accident, people will miss you and ask themselves why such-and-such allowed this to happen.

Mostly, people who convince themselves that they will not be missed are wrong.

I would be missed. Most definitely. The point I'm going to make? Morbid af.

It's family, mostly. I don't think that family counts. Why?

Our brain chemistry forges such bonds FOR US.

You don't like me because you actually like who I am. You're my mother/father/relative. You're SUPPOSED to like me.

You like me because you're brain says 'I'm going to make a connection to this person.' Period.This is much stronger in mothers and female relatives of course, but applies to males too. That's my main problem with family-related love

You love me because your brain tells you to.

Normal sequence: Love comes after recognizing positive qualities and attractive traits and being drawn to a person.

Romantic love it beautiful, excellent, amazing. When properly executed and given time and effort, this is one of the strongest bonds that any human can achieve with another human.

Family bonds are nothing but connections forged in the brain.Am I so wrong to deny my subconscious? To refuse the so-called 'normal' desires brought about by chemicals affecting the functions of our neurons?

My depression was also a chemical problem, affecting my thinking. Does that make it healthy? Natural? Of course not. I have said this about every form of love.

If you can't say WHY you love a person... you don't truly love them.True love can be explained perfectly. Quantified.True love is both emotion AND logic. I love you because I feel it-AND because of (insert reasons here.)

If you have the former without the latter, it is not love.

That's called infatuation.

A condition affecting most teenagers who convince themselves that they are in love, and only years later realize that their high school romance was foolish and stupid, and never would have worked out.

If I say 'I love you,'

It's not because you're my brother or my mother or my girlfriend or spouse.

It's because, accompanying the feeling, I have actual reasons. A bond forged not only by shared experience, but by qualities I see in you. Qualities I am attracted to, both physical and mental, how you look, think, act, feel, and communicate.

If I say 'I love you,' I MEAN IT.

Most of the world doesn't. Because they don't even know what they're talking about.

My point?

Most people don't love me.

I will die alone.


Crow, we love you! And I know it's no consolation, but it's something. And you're not gonna die alone, you've got your whole life ahead of you! Perspective may seem dark and pointless, but trust me, things change and you will find your significant other. <3 Don't let the naughty bugs in your brain convince you otherwise!
RhythmOvPain;bt5337 said:
I know for a fact that I will die miserable and alone. I accepted this fact years ago... =\

Why do you think that? I think you have a lot of potential ;)
RhythmOvPain;bt5341 said:
So saith the woman with the banana on her head.


Well yeah, even I so silly found someone, so I'm not worried about you at all! ;)
I thought I would never in a million years would I ever be lonely..how wrong was I...right or wrong doe's not come into it.....
It's entirely possible to feel lonely even when you're surrounded by people. Can't win, really.
You know your life sucks when you wish you had the same kind of problems that you see in a FML post.
James 剣 斧 血;bt5346 said:
It's entirely possible to feel lonely even when you're surrounded by people. Can't win, really.

Oh boy, do I know the feeling... Loneliness is destructive, leaves no hope.
I didn't mean to sound so negative.

But everyone has that time when they question who would go to their funeral.

Right now I don't think the number is very high. ^,^
For me the measure of a good life is if just one person was at your funeral and loved you then your life was a success....
Be the right one...who for yourself....would I be OK to kiss the mirror and think..your the one for me kid...

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