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wild things


I grew up in the city where wild animals only came during the wild fires in the surrounding hills. The creeks and all the water that flows from down those hillsides goes into concrete channels built to get rid of that water into the sea as fast as possible.

There used to be floods. Flood planes are nice and flat for building.

Anyway... I'm on the edge of those hills and no longer nature-deprived except for cockroaches, worms, earwigs; or small birds and city-rats. I don't have to wait years to see a possum, or a toad, or a raccoon, except squished on the road-


Sorry. Something was crawling on my leg right now, and I panic-swiped at it in the dark, spilling my coffee. Might have been a moth. Or a black widow.

You know what happens to spiders when they come to my outside-door thresholds? They start wobbling drunk, curl-up, and die. Only takes a few seconds. That's because of the bug poison my wife has sprayed every month.

I'm hoping it doesn't do the same to us over years.

Some of those bugs still manage to get in. I think they must come across on a wall. We've had scorpions, baby heads; big, fast, squirmy centipedes (the scary ones you don't pick up), tarantulas, even a baby kingsnake.

There's tiny baby toads in the yard right now.
They're so cute, you just want to cuddle.
They say their skin has toxins :)


Y'know, I used to line in Nor Cal, and I don't miss a lot of the critters down there. Our pets used to get fleas, but not up here. Ants? Not so much in Northwest Washington.
What I totally do not miss are the skunks. In Sonoma Country, you could smell those little bastards for miles. And just pray you don't hit one, or you dog doesn't get in a tussle.
On the outskirts we get coyotes, cougars and bears. But it's easier dealing with the big critters. Just don't run / bike past a cougar.
We have coyote and bear here. And mosquitoes the size of small birds. Nice to be located by the city, yet have a view of nature.
tinacrabapple;bt14305 said:
We have coyote and bear here. And mosquitoes the size of small birds. Nice to be located by the city, yet have a view of nature.
I'm close enough to buy a latte*
and still throw the cup in the bushes.
*( wth's a latte? I know...milk-something or other; makes that noise)

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