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Why I Write

Something that I jotted down years back and still resonates within me today...

Writing for me is a meditation. An articulation of what is inside of me.
All my writings, ramblings and meanderings are written by me, for me,
so that I can better understand the breath of the what, the It, the that, that makes me, me.

I write for my soul, a way for me to help close and cleanse the open wounds,
that the sins of my past have inflicted upon it.

I write for the joy that I feel from the act of writing, from creating something
from nothing.

I write for those who read what I write, to share a part of myself with you,
hoping that you enjoy what is written, to have you critique my work so that
I can learn from my mistakes and build on my strengths thereby making me a better

Writing liberates me.


I understand that you wrote this is an old piece, but one small thing I think that would make this even better is changing "close and cleanse" to "cleanse and close". Just seems to put it in better order.

Anyway, nitpicks aside, this is a fine piece and really speaks to me. Thanks for sharing Bob!
Meditation you say, I think you have a point. Something within me wants out and writing seems to be the excuse. Excellent thread. Writer One
fabulous ! THIS that you have so eloquently expressed... is why you are Mentor and word warrior extraordinaire ...

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