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Why do people talk? [...and perhaps write?]

It was said to me that you talk/write/communicate for 2-and only 2-reasons:

90% of the time to hear yourself talk, and
10% of the time under a fantasy that you can convince someone else that they are wrong, and that you are right...

The latter never happens.


I'd go along with what Escorial says. If i can ever say something that connects with just one person in this world i feel a kind of fulfillment.
I have found that if you want to leave someone with the impression that you are brilliant you need only tell them what they already know. Finding a way to explain something that other guy already knows deep down but has never had the ability to articulate, explaining a whole concept in a single sentence....That is the art of communication, both written and spoken
We listen to hear ourselves say something, and rarely to make sure the other person knows where we stand.

As far as why we would listen to someone instead of walking away, my list would start out:

- You are trapped and can't escape.
- You do it as a sign or respect for them, not what they are saying.
- You are waiting for them to (hopefully) stop hemming & hawing and get to the point.
- You are noting their points so you can cut them down one by one when they stop to breath

...oh, and maybe they're saying something interesting? :)

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