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Why can't we talk ?

A letter to nobody, everybody, somebody! anybody!

At stupid o'clock, in the small dark hours, my mind is alive, firing on all four, as any self-respecting petrol-head might opine, consquences of a troubled mind, troubled by society's constant unfailing stone-walling of suicide. You would be well advised to leave this post right now.

I think, a lot, about how those who would end their lives are treated like lunatics and wonder why. Why is it that society is unable to grasp the fact that, for some, this, utopian , lovely wonderful heaven on earth existence, is just an unbearable, totally unlivable, HELL on earth, purgatory, and who is to say that that's not what this life really is? A purging of lost souls.

" It is such a shock " those that are left behind will tell anyone who will listen. " He had everything to live for, married his child-hood sweet-heart, had two lovely adorable adoring children, a nice house, bought and paid for, in a nice part of town, two or three cars in the drive, the holiday home in a most desirable part of Italy/France/Switzerland, super-powered never put a foot wrong self-made millionairesville, financial prospects heading just the one way, skywards, he had the world at his feet. Everything to live for."

I can't tell you how that last part grates. Can you really not see the absurdity of that?

I have everything to live for, the world is at my beck and call, nah, reckon I'll just go kill myself.

There are those who would claim that it has a detrimental effect on the economy, I can see how that might be in a country outside of GB with no nhs, state pension etc. But here, in GB, it's a no-brainer.

Not so long ago, I can't offer dates names figures etc. I read an article that went against the claim that smoking related illnesses, cancer in particular, were an un-necessary drain on the nhs finances, and again, in a non-GB country I can see that, that quitting smoking could save the nhs and ultimately the country millions, billions probably. His argument being that even the most healthy people, at some times in their lives, find themselves needing medicines, vaccinations, the most serious of surgical procedures and everything in-between. We all, sooner or later need help from our GP, our nhs, and, since more people are living longer, the cost of pensions alone, and health-care for the ageing and the aged is a ticking time-bomb. Our governments despair.

Well consider this, a person works all his life, fifty years and more, not one day of unemployment, and has earned some pretty decent wage-packets along the way. That's a fair amount of Income-tax, national insurance, and he has no debts, certainly not in HIS world. He has no truck with that, you live you work you pay your taxes, no problem.

Now, he is an old man, he is retired and, although in good health, is feeling the effects of all those years of toil, he could reasonably be expected to live well into his eighties, at the very least, why not? Will probably, eventually, find himself being prescribed a cocktail of drugs for age-related conditions that, although not necessarily life-threatening, need to be kept in check. Factor in twenty odd years of state pension, occasional visits to his local hospital, eye-tests, a hip replacement perhaps, when all he really wants, for whatever reason, is to just go, peacefully and quietly. As they say in America, "you do the math".

What about the not so old? I used the example of the old man to highlight the benefits to all concerned, it's a no lose situation, everybody wins. There are of course many much younger people taking their lives and I can see the cause for concern but surely, if they can see no other way. Maybe if assisted suicide was a legal option more people would come forward and talk about their problems, it might offer them small hope of a solution, might even cause a few to reconsider and turn their lives around, how bad would that be?

Okay okay, what about the families who love their sons,daughters,uncles,aunts,nieces,nephews etc. Care, compassion, respect, consideration for others, is a two-way street.

Suicide is regarded by most as taking the "easy way out", how easy can it be to have your body spread along two miles of railway track? Cutting the wrists then sitting and watching the life drain away, enough said I think.

But if, at the end of the day, all a person wants is a quiet life, or rather, a quiet death, it may or may not be seen as the "easy way out". Who is to say and who is to judge? A person must be at their wits end to contemplate such a thing, and ultimately, I would think, not a decision taken lightly, when one's fear of death is exceeded only by the dread of facing another day, such torturous mental turmoil, and for why? Because society doesn't approve. What's to approve or dis-approve of?

There is the stigma and the blame-game that goes with it, but why? And Why does it have to be anyone's fault?

Why can't we talk?

In my head, in my bed, at two in the morning.



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