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Who do you talk to?

When there's no one to talk to.

I am seriously troubled by the lack of advice/info regarding depression at my local Hospital. So much so that i E-Mailed them that very question.


NHS will only react once you become a danger to yourself or the public...you can make an appointment with your doctor and they will try you on tablets and over time increase the dose or move you onto another type....getting to talk to someone will take up to 12 weeks and the counseler will avoid taking any action unless once again you prove to them that you are in danger or the public..if you go in with the attitude I'm not right I need help they will often dismiss you as a low priority case....unless you attempt to be drastic with the condition..if it's for you or someone else you face a lonely journey....there is not much empathy out there unless you have had a troubled documented past or at a vulnerable age...and I found if you can't help yourself then you will lose faith in the professionals pretty quick because at the end of the day it's incurable but containable and you would not want to live in a world were drugs dull your misery or maybe it might I can't tell....people can't deal with the condition and the phone and comments soon stop and the attitude of sort yourself out will soon arise...if I can offer you or the person you are trying to help is in time you have to hope that you alone will heal you...if I can help just get in touch
You could try some sort of support group in your area, perhaps.

Send me a private message if you want to. Not sure how much help I can be, but it's somebody to talk to, and somebody who will listen.

Cheers, hope you feel better.
Yeah, thanks for your input.
I suppose you DO just have to get on with things.
Dither, I pray. I consider myself one tough guy who can do just about anything and I rely on God for everything...Something to think about.
Does a psychologist talk to themselves because they're trained professionals or do they sit with other shrinks? When they sit with other shrinks, would they debate signs and symptoms or help each other?
You can't be afraid to go out and make the connections you want. At the same time, you have to realize that you will not always get what you want. Even love requires a sense of patience, timing, consideration, and the possibility of rejection.

Best wishes.
Family is good for starters. One of the best things about them is that even if they don't get it they'll still listen. Just be sure to be explicit about what you want out of them. Do you want advice or just someone to listen? How about empathy, good or bad? etc. etc. Friends who you trust or you know have experienced something like this before. Be sure to do the same thing there, though they might already know or have an idea.

Professionals are always an option, but sometimes that doesn't feel right and you should never go to one unless you came to the decision to do so on your own and with total confidence. It's worthless otherwise, trust me.

As Smith said, if none of these fit or are not available to you, PM me or him, I know the two of us would be glad to talk any time, any place.

Don't be too hard on yourself in the meantime. You are not alone. Hang in there.
You're definitely not alone. I talked to myself a few times. I talked myself out of things and into better things. Today, a girl I met on a dating site a while ago and now a close friend asked, "How's your head doing?" after "Are you in a better place?" If we can't listen to ourselves, considering that's all we ever do to reach the pessimistic side, how else will we reconnect to where we embarked the wrong turn?
Interesting comments here.

what you say is very true and that is why i don't know anybody. If someone looks my way, i look away. I have to go out to work obviously but apart from that and weekend shopping-trips, i don't venture out unless i absolutely must. A funny experience, something that happened to me onnce with a complete stranger, might tell you about sometime. Only it's not so funny. Funny as in strange.

we're not that sort of family. Words can't convey and you would not believe. All my fault of course.

Psychologists come under the umbrella of medical people. We used to think of them as special but nowadays they're just tradespeople, it's just another 9 to 5.

This has all come about because my damned broken elbow and i wonder if it might turn out to have been a good thing. Is it about to take me somewhere? Change my life or how i see life somehow.

Am i at a crossroads here?

Well, i'm open, ish, sort of, in a sheepish kind of way.

Scared as hell tbh.
Hi Dither,

I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling down and needs someone to talk to. Can I help? I have far too much time on my hands as I am stuck in bed, 23 hours of the day with a paralysing disease rather like multiple sclerosis.

I use a speech recognition system, as I can't type any more, but I do love writing emails to friends and family, as well as writing my books of course.

If you like I can PM you my email address and we can chat that way.

All my best,

i'm in a hole right now because of my injury. Too much time for thinking.
When i'm working t try not to think about things too much.

I don't know why i started this thread, well, yes i do, it was an outburst of frustration. TALK, in the context of why i started this, for me, is futile. I'm a bit of a thinker you see, i can't be swayed by talk.

I truly believe that the only way to change my life would be to move away from my hometown. Start afresh. But where would i go and how? And wouldn't the same monster, in time, rear it's ugly head again?

The problem is with me i know it.

People say "oh if i could win the lottery".

There's this overwhelming need to get away from my life.

You can't get that from your GP and so i shall just sit it out.

Also i'm not much of a talker, not in the private/personal sense. That's probably why i don't know anybody.

I'm not one for chatting.
Well, crunch day tomorrow.

Although i haven't received the letter of confirmation yet, and had better phone them later if i don't, i was told tomorrow Thursday. I haven't been out of the house for nearly a week because i'm finding it impossible to wash myself. Tomorrow i shall be up bright and early, go over to mother's place, have my arm taped and sealed inside a couple of bin-liners and have a shower, heaven. Then, once i've been to the Hospital and, hopefully, escaped with just the broken elbow i intend to make a day of it . I need things, supplies, a book for starters, and i'm getting low on coffee. Just to get out in the fresh air and have a walkabout will be nice, weather permitting.
I just hope that there is no bad news with my arm. We shall see eh?

The Postman just brought letter.

Friday it is then.
the hospital did eventually reply to my e-mail.
Said they hadn't realised and would be taking steps to make sure that advice and information is available.

Not so sure now that that's a good thing but just to have someone talk to sometimes. Y'know?
Dither, sometimes we have to force ourselves out of our comfort zone... you said you don't chat.. well you should. You should open yourself up to new friendships, new experiences... yes, it will be uncomfortable, and may make you feel anxious, but in time it will get easier. NO ONE should isolate themselves... depression feeds on isolation, doubt, fear of rejection... ect... stay connected to someone. when you are depressed, you are not good company for yourself, and you will get caught in your own negative mental loop, so HOW WOULD you get feeling better, if all you have is your own negative rhetoric to guide you? Find SOMEONE to talk to... please...

i bang on about depression, maybe i am, do get, ever so slightly depressed, i don't know. You have to put it into perspective. There are those who don't know where their next meal is coming from, don't have roof to sleep under and really DON'T have anybody.

And there's me bitching and whining because my life isn't exactly how i'd like. It's no wonder that some say " oh f' chris' sakes pull yourself together."

I can see how the very idea of depression can grate with some people. And yet, others, with seemingly everything to live for, young, beautiful and very clever, do away with themselves. There are no immediate plans to do such a thing here. I'm sure that i shall live to be a hundred.

Let's call it low mood, miserable old b****** even. It becomes a habit and like an old pair of slippers, it feels comfortable, easy, ( there's that word again, easy. I do like easy. )

I sometimes wish i knew people but they bore me, they really do. There has to be something wrong with me but i don't know what. And having said all that, i eat okay, have a reasonable life-style and the bills get paid. What IS wrong with me?

Maybe i just think too much.

Look, thanks. Okay?

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