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White Boy Winston

Or, AKA "Pink Like Me".
But, I'm not white. Or pink. Or anything. I'm a friggin' person. One that resents labels.

This month is another one of those "National Hispanic Heritage" month deals. My wife used to be Catholic. They have this silly calendar with all the "holy days' and "ordinary time". Well, with Identity Politics, they're all Holy Days now. Father, Son, and The Holy Pigment.

I do look white. But my grandmother was from Puerto Rico. I'm 1/4 Puerto Rican. Wow. What free government benefits do I qualify for?
I don't care. This isn't that trope, passive-aggressive "I don't care". I really don't. I don't want free stuff because of where my ancestors used to live. That's asinine. But, a lot of folks do.

I work for the Federal government. If you're a black, lesbian Muslim, you get moved to the front of the employment line. Again, I don't care. I NEVER got preferential treatment digging foxholes next to any other Marine. Just dig the damn hole to regulations. At the shipyard today, I see folks hitting way above their weight class, and failing. "Peter Principled" to the max. And let's drop the PC BS, many are where they are, performing sub-standard work, because they checked the right ethic box on their application.

I'm not bitter. I'm friggin' terrified. Our society today worships the "victim class". In the Real World (aka The Rest Of The World), countries like India and China produce citizens that out work Americans. They are on their way to out innovating us as well. They have this crazy idea of rewarding success and punishing failure. Wut?!

So, let's celebrate "diversity"! Break our arms patting ourselves on the back, congratulating our enlightened culture for...
I don't know. Help me here.

Creating the best, mediocre, soft-socialist navel-gazing bunch of apologists to ever oversee the decline of a world power?
Well! Pour me some Puerto Rican rum, and I'll fry up some plantains! 'Murica!


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