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Whitby Goth Weekend.

Recently I attended the twice yearly music festival (maybe some of you have heard of it already) Whitby Goth Weekend. It is exactly as it sounds a music festival for Goth's. For two weekends in the year the small town of Whitby located in the North East of England is taken over and transformed by crowds of people, as it puts on music events, stalls and various events catered for goths who both live there and travel to the town. Hundreds descend upon the picturesque town myself included to partake. Going from strength to strength each weekend it has been held, this music festival allows individuals, groups and families to become someone new or for those to showcase their own sub-culture and celebrate being a Goth.

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Over the years the festival has changed as it has gained popularity transforming from a small local festival to become part of whitby. The festival has come to symbolise a safe weekend for Goth's all over England. Whitby has roots planted within literature being the location in Bram Stoker's Dracula. Drawing upon this created the idea for Whitby Goth Weekend in 1994 allowing people to experience the town that capture Stoker's imagination to create the infamous characters in his novel and gives goths a safe place to really celebrate their chosen style.
(Below the remains of Whitby Abbey mentioned in Stoker's Dracula)
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The festival has become a staple in North Yorkshire drawing crowds from across England to enjoy music, stalls and Whitby in general. Bellow are some photographs that I took while there this time round I hope that you enjoy them and reading a little about this fantastic festival.

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I went there once, many years ago, and riding the train into Whitby i'd never seen so many stiffs in all my life. It was as though i'd gate-crashed a very public funeral.
I gave the midnight walkabout a miss but climbing all those steps to the abbey, jeez! That's something else isn't it? But well worth the climb.
The memory that endures is of a small shed on the hill below the Abbey smoking fish, herrings/mackerel i guess.
I don't think that is still open but that's a nice memory, thanks for sharing it. :)

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