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... when your whole world depends on the turn of a friendly card.

It plays! My solitaire game actually plays. It doesn't do everything a full-blown game should do--if you press the wrong key it just ignores you. Help is not displayed when you type "?" and there is no victory screen when you win. That is okay. Those things are frills. For right now, I'm where I need to be.

I will be learning Qt, which is pronounced "cute" (like baby ducks). Qt will do the heavy-lifting graphics part of my game. In C++. There is a tutorial on YouTube and if I get really stuck, there are other places I can turn for help. This is the same thing I was trying before, but with the luxury of having a working program, I can do this in a more focused and orderly manner.

On the music side, I did a "duty roster" arrangement for my song. The song is a revision of In Another Life which I will probably now call "I Knew You" instead. What this involves is making a chart of when the various voices are heard. I have four voices (or parts): rhythm, guitar, male vocal, and female vocal. There is no actual melody yet, but I have some ideas of how I want the piece as a whole to function.

I also did a report on David Scott Diffrient's book, M*A*S*H about the television series in the context of popular culture. This was a project that had daunted me, but honestly, it wasn't that hard once I did it.


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