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When you just can't be bothered.;Creaking under the strain of just an ordinary day.

although it wasn't you see.Today is the sort of day that i'd been waiting for. It had everything.As i waited for my bus to Asda's, under a grey sky, that was leaking, just. The dirty,shabby greyness of it all. Everything seemed ,so, dull,so tired, and maybe it's just me.:sulkiness:
Well, i got to Asda's, got what i needed, and headed back to my derelict bomb-site of a bus-stop-shelter, like something out of a dispatch from Beruit. No offence Beruit. Waiting, i found myself thinking about that eternal mechanical conga unceasingly pushing on through the town, all those people cocooned, in their own little motor-car worlds.
As i licked my dry lips, i could taste the acid from the exhaust fumes.Trundle'trundle, vroom'vroom,wizz'whoosh, and life crawls inexorably on.
Finally, my bus arrived.On time. Ish. I flashed my seven-day ticket and settled down for the short ride home.
A young woman,with a young child in a buggy,sat opposite me ,and i was struck by the contradiction of her appearance.Young child, boy, 3yrs old i would say, fast asleep,dead to the world, totally oblivious to the journey.Clean,well-groomed, just about well-everything from what i could see, in his spidey-man jacket.
She, with her silver studded boots, pink hair and piercings, reading a book entitled "doctor sleep". It just stood out to me, that's all.

Well, anyway, home appeared on the horizon soon enough. As i alighted from my bus i stood and gazed at the signs up the high street. eat.co.uk. Kebabs+Pizzas. Booze 4 less. Costcutters. Eastern spice. Jumbo takeaway.Even that seemed grubby.

I looked down at the wet pavement. And found a pound. REALLY.:cheers:

And, that was it basically.

Normally, i would have made notes. Jotted a few thoughts. And made something of this. But i just couldn't be bothered.

So here you have it, dither in the raw.

By all means crit this if you feel so inclined, but this is little more than a rant.
And yes it was rushed. I haven't given this any thought cos i didn't think it warranted deserved any sort of scrutiny.

life eh?



Yes, i could've made more of this. But you get my drift. You see what i'm about now. And i've just noticed that "save as a draft" tab. How does that work then?
When you save your work to "draft" it is not published. This enables you to return to the post, add more content and publish at a later date.

No,it's saved to your blog which is accessed through your profile.
Create a draft post. Then go to View Blog Entries in your profile and it lists all your posts including your draft. To continue simply select the pencil icon and continue writing. :)

You can see the post is a draft as there will be this icon next to the pencil

Have you checked out Blog FAQs?

Well, i think i have the hang of "draft post", and am now editing away merrily.:cheers:
And phases, i have phases. I suppose we all do but,,,, i am feeling so uncommunicative right now, he says, waffling on.:apologetic:

whereas quite often when i'm out and about, i feel so aware, alive to everything, right now i'm just dawdling along, hoodie up, head down, and actually feeling quite detached, and you can't fight it, you just have to go with it.:calm:
Well, i think i have the hang of "draft post", and am now editing away merrily.:cheers:

Well there you go - well done :)

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