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When you don't know who to trust...

Or even HOW to trust.
Things going wrong here and I don't know what to do.

Stuff needs doing on the house and I can't face taking the risk of being hit on by a rogue-trader.

My pc monitor is on the blink and don't know how long this session will last. It could cut out at any moment.

They stopped printing the "Yellow pages ", probably, I think, because of the electronic information highway but when your pc goes down how do you look for help?
Serves me right for not letting people into my life I suppose.


Nope. And wouldn't know how to use one anyway.


I'm an old man. What do I know?
I wish I could give you a crash course on on-line researching. I'm just a bit younger than you, but I've been doing it for many years, and I take the skill for granted. I'm sad for you that you don't have that knowledge. But I know you can do this.
For the monitor, pick either eBay or Amazon (I like Amazon better, even though my wife sells on eBay). Type in the search bar "15" LCD Monitor". You should get about a gazillion hits. Filter on the left side of the screen by "best sellers". Then, just pick one with a good seller rating, free shipping and lowest price (should be about $79 USD). Find someone who will take your old monitor for scrap, they are not worth fixing. If your monitor dies today, just use your library's public computer to order.
Finding a handyman is a similar process, it's just finding the right starting point (HomeAdviser, Angie's List etc.)
Hope I was of some help. And don't forget to take your walk this weekend. :encouragement:
I appreciate what you're saying but...
There's always a but isn't there. Maybe I'm just lazy, I prefer to think of it as fatigue, or maybe I just don't want to try too hard, we're back to the " path of least resistance " again, but, I suppose, as with most situations in my life, I shall just let it roll along until I absolute HAVE to do something.

I just can't face dealing with people and YES, the problem lies with me. I know that. Inferiority complex/low- self-esteem, NO self-esteem actually. All manner of inner conflict going on here and well? The dither-bus ambles on as we all must.

As for the walking;
I have a good twenty minute march, this includes a very steep hill, to and from work every night and morning. On Saturdays I go shopping, out of town, and return with back-pack and tote-bag loaded up with shopping. ENOUGH walking I think.
You know?
I was half a mind to go out and stain a few fence panels this morning but what if my neighbour had seen me and came out. The nosey s.o.b.

Why can't they all just leave me alone?

And now the silly old fart is out the mowing his lawn. Just as well I stayed indoors. I tell myself that maybe when it's not so hot I might have a go at the fence but I've been saying that for a few years now.

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