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When Stars Collide

rcallaci;2306482 said:
When Stars Collide

shoes filled with sand
frolicking on the beach
two hearts as one

an unexpected loss

I ride amongst the stars on moonlit nights;
hoping to find you riding beside them,
you’re my shining star; the brightest of lights
amongst these starry specks of solar gems.

My search leads me to our favorite star,
the pulsar that we studied in our youth;
afterwards we went to our local bar
got drunk on vermouth in that corner booth.

I cry out your name hoping you would hear;
the frenzied beating of an aching heart
I dive into our star and disappear;
to reunite and never again part.

We jump--then float through our Star hand in hand;
running on stardust as if it were sand.

exploding star
fading dreams
an empty bottle of pills

a beacon of light


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