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...What year is it!?

My slight absence from WF thus far has been mainly due to my work/sleep schedule. I thought, surely, they must be bored by now. ;D Feel free to pop my balloon head. It's not helium, just hot air holding me up. Work has been great. Four hour shifts, easy work, occasional tips, all at above minimum wage. Being a daytime worker means I'm only there while the sun is up. 8-12, 12-4, or 1-5... hours like that.

Everyone else there is either twice my age or close to mine.

Once while bagging, I, in my haste, reached for a can, only to find the hand of the cashier still upon it. Poor girl had a heart attack, I think.

But alas, my after-hours are filled with drudgery.Lack of sleep drains my creative drive, and leaves me too grumpy to even play games without whining about their difficulty.

Due to this recent isolation and abstinence from 'challenging' games, I have been reduced to playing life-simulators/visual novels.

At least my digital friends are entertaining, despite causing me to slowly lose the last vestiges of both my dignity and sanity.

What's that, Spalding? You think I'm normal? Awww, thanks!


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