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What to Remember, What to Decorate

Today is Memorial Day, or what used to be called Decoration Day. The idea was to commemorate those that have sacrificed, limb and life, in defence of our freedoms. Many (including the media and politicians) confuse today with Veteran's Day. I am a Veteran, but I did not suffer a traumatic injury in my service. And, obviously, I am not dead. This is not my day. It is the day we remember those that gave everything they had, and paid the highest price possible. I, for one, am grateful for every day of freedom God has given me. And for the brave that have made that freedom enduring. Today, I meditate on that just a bit more.

My flag is flying from the porch, and some friends are coming over later. We'll barbecue, and generally have a good time in each other's company. Yet, at some point, the somber nature of today will quietly remind us of why we have a day off from work. To Remember. To give thanks. And to not take anything we have for granted.


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