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What I Learned from the Sims 3

One of my favorite games ever is the Sims. I love creating and telling stories, and the Sims games are a great way to do that. However, I'm kind of a sadist when it comes to the Sims; I really like watching my Sims suffer. Which, I suppose, is not unlike being an author. Anyway, one of the many ways I enjoy watching my Sims suffer is having them quit their jobs and drop everything in their lives to take up the craft of writing, and then having them go to the computer to declare themselves a self-employed writer. I then watch as the Repo-man pays my Sims a visit every week, due to a lack of bills being payed. I watch as my Sims' plumbob turns redder and redder as time goes on. I watch as all of their hopes and dreams disappear. Their wishes never get fulfilled. They start becoming stir crazy. They get phone calls every day from old friends, telling them it's hard to maintain a friendship when they never talk anymore. But just when my Sims are at their darkest point, just when all hope seems lost, they write a best-seller. Then another. And another. Soon, their writing skill is up to 10. They start completing challenges, writing more and more books, and the next thing they know, they are rolling in simoleons. Then, when they pull their lives back together, I usually do something stupid like locking them in a room with a stove and a fireplace until they burn to death.

But writing in the Sims 3, just like any other skill, has to be developed. Before my Sims even start writing a novel, I make them "Practice Writing." The higher their skill is before they even start writing, the more chance they have for success.

I think I've been just trying to jump right in and produce something great before I've given myself time to just Practice Writing. As much as I would love to write beautiful short stories and gripping novels, I know that the more I Practice Writing, the better my final products will be. So, for now, I'm going to stop trying to write a best-seller and simply sit down at the computer and Practice Writing.

Eh, maybe tomorrow. Because now I really want to play the Sims...


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