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What exactly, is an Albingesian? And where the hell is Waldo?


Where's Waldo got its start in the late 12th Century. It seems the principle complaint was Waldo's "...contempt of ecclesiastical power".

I stole that term, word for word, because it's such a mouthful. Just thinking about it causes all sorts of mouthy turmoil, so be careful. It's alright in this day and age, but was not so, earlier. Not for many centuries.

Waldo was a wealthy man who came to the conclusion that a love of worldly goods got in the way of the truest love.

Waldo changed his name to Barba. I don't know what that means. He was in hiding. I assume it means he would not have had me killed for not knowing that, not kissing his ring; not agreeing with him.

This attitude was barbarous, an affront to papal power, and declared heretical. It became a movement.

After years of trying to talk them back into the fold Innocent lll finally called for a crusade."Any man, as long as he is a lord, at least, may take their possessions. In nomine patris... ( I nominate Patrick, I think...).

His will be done, (for) the next twenty years the Waldensians, and the Albingensians ( with whom they were conflated) were hunted down and exterminated. Some say 'genocided'. Like the guy who invented the term, (though perhaps he wouldn't have said it as a verb). Let God sort'em out.

Related terms: Languedoc, Occitan, Spanish Marches, Gothia, Albi; Cathar.

Go go forth and research. I nominate you!



Hmmmm, I thought Waldo was the guy who is always hidden in a series of collage images! Damn, Kevin, where did you find the Waldo who changed his name to Barba?
Neetu;bt12598 said:
Hmmmm, I thought Waldo was the guy who is always hidden in a series of collage images! Damn, Kevin, where did you find the Waldo who changed his name to Barba?

He's there, next to the dog in the red-and-white stripes on page 7.

Neetu, Darren, b.d. here's Waldo ( a Waldo, who was hidden)
https://www.museeprotestant.org/en/notice/a-history-of-the-waldensians/#Peter-Waldo-1140-1217 -

The authorities were searching for him. He liked to hide. Like the early Christians the Waldensians had a secret way of identifying each other: by refering to themselves as 'Barba'. Again, I don't know what that word came from, but it reminds me of the fish sign the early Christians used to avoid detection and persecution.

Here's ( next link below)the Albingesians and what happened to them. They were not Waldensians ( more bogomils?) but were lumped together for their anti-Catholic views. At the time there was no Protestant church. Heretics could be arrested or worse. The only church was Catholisism for 1400 years ( in Western Europe).if you were Christian, you were Catholic.

https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&channel=iphone_bm&source=hp&ei=OYjYWofDOYzajwSP-7DoCQ&q=cathar+crusade&oq=cathar+&gs_l=mobile -
The inquisitor post(position?) came about because of them. You may have heard of the Inquisition? :) A special papal appointee whose task was to 'inquire'. Occasionally the locals would rise up and kill them. I like that -'Justice'.

Anyway, Neetu's blog post "Perversity" actually inspired me to revisit this google-searching (surfing from link to link) expedition. Thank you.

And here's what happened to a later group of Waldensians:

Oh ....! I just read some more : It's 'Barbes' not 'Barba'. It means Uncle. It's meant to show a difference between a Catholic 'Father' by refering to their preachers as uncles.
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