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What does your day entail today?

So yesterday I did some writing and today I am going to share some writing.

My day today has started off by watching TV, slightly addicted to the Shadow hunters series right now, but then I loved the books in college. Now I am going to try and write through the pain so to speak. I am still couch bound, so here's to having as productive a day as I can. Hope you enjoy.
These are two journal entries that feature in my story.

The Journal of Rosalina Wintergreen.

The second page began with a date, this was her diary.
June 14th 1854.
Dear Journal,
I miss my closest and dearest Emilia and Prudence. Returning to Filey again had given me much apprehension. Henry would be there as always but James would also be traveling to Filey. Like my Father many wealthy families had found solace in the quite, sunny days of Filey. James included. And for the last few years we had all enjoyed the same parties from June to late august. But I am rambling. Wintergreen Manor had been a place of safety and childishness until last summer when James had been different towards me. Constantly he watches my every move. With a strange expression. At the end when we left for home I was confused. Although after talking to prudence and Emilia about his behaviour, I was now convinced of James feelings for myself. And this terrified me as I couldn't say I fully shared his affections. And there is always Henry to consider, my closest friend and servant. I have the feeling that this trip was going to end with sorrow.

June 17th 1854.
Dear Journal,
I saw James arrive today. He did not see me but I saw him. He was different, his soft, boyish face had become more angular. It made him look twenty one. And it made my heart leap inside my chest, not like when I see Henry but enough that I noticed. Father had said I would feel different about James now, that I had become a young women. I had not believed him but now I was confused all over again. I knew that if James was serious about his intentions I would soon find out.

On returning I was surprised by Henry peeping around the east corner of the house, smiling his impish smile. The sunlight had been at just the right angle that golden light was escaping from his body and both my heart and mood sored. We spent until it was time for dinner hidden in the maze gardens. I am fond of the fountain with its water softly tinkling into the pond. It is a peaceful place and Henry seems to be more relaxed there, than inside the house.

Tonight we were joined by James and his family for dinner. Father had thought it would be a pleasant surprise for me, to lift my subdued mood, he had said.

There be will be nothing here for me but sorrow and heartbreak. I realise that now. Father had commissioned Wintergreen Manor to be built, so that we and future generations would be able to live by the sea. Escaping the chimneys, smoke and factories starting to crowd London. From the first night here I had always wondered what Wintergreen and Filey would have in-store for our family, so I had chosen the top tower room on the front, east corner of the manor. It would be my haven, my safety in this desolate place. I had thought, I would never find happiness here, yet somehow I had found my own place and my own friend (potentially the one person that fully understood me).
How is your day going?


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