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Well! What a week I've had...

Can't believe my luck.
I've had a week off work. Haven't done much or been anywhere, apart from the odd shopping-trip. All I've done really, is read. And I've had some amazing reads. I may have told, in the past, how I always take three books from the Library whenever I'm out of reading material in the hope that there ought to, might just, be one decent read among them.
Last weekend, my three which included "Rusty Puppy " by Joe Lansdale and " A Bend In The Road " by Debbie Macomber. Very much enjoyed. The other one? I shall say no more.

Midweek, I couldn't be bothered to take a bus ride out to Stugely just to exchange library books and at a cost of nearly six quid bus fare for the privilege, forget it. I'd go to the Library in the town where I live. But there's never anything worth taking from there. Who controls the intake of books there? I often wonder, It's rubbish. What the hell I thought. I'd find three to take home with me in the hope of finding something worth looking at and then I'd go to the out of town Library at the weekend maybe. And I couldn't have been more wrong.

First I looked at a book entitled "A Manifesto on how to be interesting " by Holly Bourne. I imagined that it would be one of those self-helpers that we hear about and, being me, I thought why not? I could give two minutes I supposed. The reality being, that it was another page-turner, a brilliant read, and I just couldn't put it down.

Then came " I Was Born For This " by Alice Oseman and again, I hit the jackpot. Sat up until the early hours last night until I could read no more, picked it up as soon as I woke up this morning, and now it's done. Once more I've got two out of three and I still have one to go.

There are four book titles there. Yes, we all have different tastes but if you ever find yourselves with hours to kill, on a bus train plane whatever, you could do worse Imo.

And they all have a feel good ending.



Debbie Macomber lives in my home town. Her "Cedar Cove" books are (loosely) based on our town.
I'm not a fan of that genre but I'm glad you enjoy her stuff. I never met her, but I hear she's a good person.
tinacrabapple;bt14060 said:
Great blog post! Those are the best kind of vacations! Thanks for the book list...I'll check them out.

If you find any of those titles, I would love to know what you think of them.

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