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Welcome to the blog!

Let me introduce you to me and this blog. This is more a combination of two sites that I have write on: my site( where I post my writings and) and my blog on blogger. Thus, this is an overlap of those two. You may find post that are fiction and you may also find essays, which is also part of the two sites. Now on to me.

As a strong faith Christian, I believe, and my chief objective is, that fiction can be edifying (if it is executed well). To do this, we must correctly apply what we are influence by. In writing, I don't create apologectics or holimetics. Both of these are not artful and can't convey truth properly. Thus, when I apply material from the Bible you won't know that it is (unless you are epitome of detectives). Well, that is all for now. Hope you come to here and learn.


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