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Website Woes and Internet Foes

At the end of 2012 I find myself at a bit of a disadvantage, thanks greatly to someone hacking my website and getting it listed as an attack site on Google. I'm not really sure what the motivation was, but after numerous attempts to plug the security issues I finally made a decision to pull the site right down and my webmaster is now working to get the site up and running.
Unfortunately, once you are painted with this scarlet letter it takes 3 months to get off the Google crap list. Anyhow, it is what it is and for the time being I will be using my blog here to update folks on what is happening.
So, with that said here is a quick update on what I am doing in the year 2013.


I am still hard at work on ACADIA EVENT and it is coming together quite well in that I have the entire book figured out and the finish line in my sights. As with: THE EQUINOX I am vetting each chapter through a fellow writer and he is offering feedback. Acadia should be finished sometime in 2013 and once the drafts are completed I may actually include some artwork to accompany the book.
I would be done the book much sooner if I didn't have a pesky day job, but if you're not a full time writer with an awesome contract to see you through and movie producers beating on your door that is the cross you must bear. Just spit balling here, but if everyone would go to Amazon and buy five copies of Equinox that would certainly lessen the need for that pesky day job. What? Your credit cards are maxed out from Christmas Shopping? Did you buy someone you love a copy of The Equinox? Enough said...


This is a new project I am really excited about. In the New Year I am going to podcast the entire Equinox in an episodic chapter a week.
I came by the idea after being asked if I would consider turning THE EQUINOX into an audio book for those who do not have the time to sit down and read the book. Yes, there are those people. Truck drivers and people who work long days don't have time to curl up with a book would certainly benefit from an audio version. I, myself have been listening to a great deal of audiobooks as I spend long days on the road and want to keep up on stimulating my imagination. After getting past the fact that I hate the sound of my own voice (yes I'm the narrator) I am now more comfortable with reading aloud, so it will be you the listener who will have to get past the cringe factor.
Along with podcasting THE EQUINOX, I am also reaching out to the many Podcast sites out there who want to do a bit of cross pollination, in that if you help me get the word out I will feature your site before reading a chapter. Anyhow there will be more to follow after I get some of the technical stuff figured out, including getting it up on iTunes and making it available on the new secure site my webmaster is now hard at work on.


Just before Christmas I announced that anyone who bought a copy of THE EQUINOX and emailed me a copy of their proof of purchase would have their name tossed into a hat and one lucky individual would get a signed Hardcover Library Edition of THE EQUINOX. This Library edition was a special order I had made for my private collection and is not available to the general public. On occasion I have fired off a couple copies of this finely crafted book to certain individuals, but there are many in existence. Four have been sent out and I hold a couple in my private library.
Dave MacNeil, of New Glasgow Nova Scotia had his name drawn and will get his signed copy sometime in the New Year. Congratulations Dave! As I said on Facebook, not only did the world not end, but you scored a cool collectable.


Like many I have embraced social media including Facebook and Twitter. I'm still trying to figure out the practical application of twitter, I've only got 90 something followers, but Facebook is a regular regime where I love interacting with people. When I say interacting, that doesn't mean I want to play Mafia Wars or Farmville. I think that stuff sucks and I don't have time to tend to virtual goats or wack people who might flip for the cops. I do however like looking at internet pictures, listrening to interesting podcasts about movies and when all else fails just prodding one another with the occasional dig.
In addition to my Facebook page I also have a group called: Acadia Event Updates and Artwork that anyone on Facebook can join. It is in the section I post new artwork and give updates on how the book is coming along. I also have taken to posting photographs, an amateur past time of mine at my new Flickr Page


Well, we're winding down to the big day and I'm sure all of you out there are as happy as I am to eat too much, maybe drink too much and enjoy having your immediate family close at hand. My wishes go out to all this holiday season, I hope you find comfort in the sanctity of those you love.
Not all of us are blessed with good fortune this season. Two days ago I visited a friend whose son is in the last stages of terminal cancer. It was heartbreaking to see my friend this way and to see his son so young, with little kids in such a state. May the strength of their family see them through these very difficult times. Not to get sanctimonious, but if you are with the ones you love, remember that someone else may not be as a fortunate.

Merry Christmas
Mark aka MJ Preston


I had my website relisted less than two weeks after a hack attack. You have to petition the powers-that-be at google. FB is great for drumming up support and generally "getting the word out". The FB page for my book has a very few "likes" but it has generated an obscene number of pre-orders.
Good luck with it all. I'll buy Acadia. Let me know if you want some ambient backing for your readings. Cheers.

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