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watching my favorite movie

I was watching my favorite movie Doctor Zhivago- which is about a man's struggles with giving up the last vestiges of his bourgeois life- truly inspiring and should be shown to all children- when someone knocked on the door.

I thought about grabbing my glock, but decided not to as one time it was the Sherrifs knocking, and I didn't think it wise anymore, to answer armed. You see it was night, and I couldn't see them out the window.

If they ask me I will turn it in, but right now I'm going to keep it in case they need me when the time comes.

So, it was only the neighbor, who can be so annoying, but it was okay this time, and we actually had a nice conversation. There have been many.

He was just there to talk about some goings on in the neighborhood like our other neighbor who had got sick and died recently, and an accident out on the highway today, where they had blocked the road.

I think there must've been fatalities as they never bother to block a road otherwise.

Anyway it was ok that he came- like I said, and I guess he could come again as long as it is something I like that he wants to talk about.

After, I got back to my movie and it was one of my favorite parts where the secret policeman who also happens to be the original OB 1 Kanobi ( old version) is watching while Omar Shereef's character is out in the freezing cold stealing pieces of a wood fence or some siding so he can burn it to try to keep his small son and family warm.

The secret policeman decides not to arrest him, which is wrong- but I think it is in his prerogative as a government official, as he was hoping to eventually rehabilitate him toward the greater good in the future.

I might've opted for his liquidation, but then it is a movie, and killing off the main character would have sent the story off into an entirely different direction. There was a great lesson there and sometimes you have to make allowances- sort of like Mao said: breaking an egg to create the omelette.

Spoiler alert!!
So he- the doctor- eventually dies (of a heart condition which is ironic, as he is s doctor) but not before giving up everything in selfless service to society , including his poetry (which again in another irony is later ruled appropriate and not immoral) which is another great lesson for all of us to take to heart as we move forward toward a great and just future.

Thank you. I will speak again


It is one of my all-time favorite movies, too, Kevin. I have watched it many times. I love Lara for all her strengths and frailties.
I haven't watched Doctor Zhivago in many, many years. Perhaps it's time for a refresher course. Thanks for stopping by my blog entry. Have a great weekend.

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