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Wars and Nightmares

This entry is part of a series of entries "The Android Gospels"
The Stuff of Dreams
(An interlude in the space opera serial ‘Androids do indeed Dream of Heaven, Hell, Dragons and other things’)

Juliana Nova bolted upright from the bed that she shared with her lover, best friend and creator, Dr Barabbas Covington. Beads of artificial perspiration dripped out of her synthetic pores. She felt a sense of alarm and dread. Her dreams were being altered and transformed into nightmare. She was being hacked, but by whom?

Barabbas held her gently in his arms. He felt her trembling which was a cause for concern. These nightmares must be truly terrifying in order to cause this reaction in Juliana. There was no way that her dream sequence protocols along with her memory stems that he programmed in the hippocampus section of her artificial brain, would create nightmares such as these. Her dreams were being attacked from without, by a malicious virus that somehow entered into her neuron receptors. Somehow he needed to shut that virus down before irreparable harm was done to his beloved.

We need to do a complete diagnostic of your neural pathways. Something alien has infected them. I fear that this malicious virus has taken on an artificial intelligence of its own. This Dream Thief is stealing your dreams and leaving nightmares in its wake. I can turn off your dream protocols, but I fear this may affect parts of your memory as well. In the meantime you need to shut down your emotional receptors. It would be easier for us to work on this problem if you weren’t feeling this emotional pain. I also can’t bear to see you suffer like this.”

Juliana was comforted by his touch and his great love for her made her feel truly alive. It didn’t matter to her if her feelings for him were artificial or real. She felt them all the same and that’s all that mattered. She could turn them off, but by doing so it would rob her of the joy she felt about being alive. Humans and her Cyborg counterparts live in fear every day, why not her as well. No, she needed to fight this interloper on her own terms. She needed to embrace her nightmares, learn to control her terror and get to know who and what her enemy is. She needed to know her enemy as well as herself, in order to defeat him, her, or whatever it claimed to be. She was determined to get this bug out of her head, there was only room for one entity to reside there, and she was determined that entity was going to be her.

Don’t worry my love; I need to face my demons head on. I will not change who or what I am, for the sake of its twisted desires. I will continue with these nightmares until I’m able to control them. Then, and only then, will I strike at the beast and destroy it. To do so, I must be in possession of my entire faculties. My emotions only make me stronger, not weaker, and to give up the love I feel for you, even if it’s only for a second, is not an option that I will consider.”

They cried holding on to each other tight and fell back to an uneasy sleep.


Juliana faced the fire breathing dragon head on. It belched out its fire, Juliana was enveloped in flames but knew that they were made only of nightmare stuff. She hacked away at the dragon with her sword and chopped it to pieces. The sliced up dragon then morphed into a dark shadowy figure. Here at last was her real enemy. Face to face they stood and to her surprise the thing bowed before her.

It said,

“You have faced your demons and realized they are what you make of them. I am not some outside virus; I am but a part of you, the beast that lies within all living things. You are now truly alive. I am called Soul...

The End

IMG_0886 (2).JPG

The Robot Wars: Progeny (a historical account)
(An interlude in the space opera serial ‘Androids do indeed Dream of Heaven, Hell, Dragons and other things’)

“Their Battlestars have destroyed our entire defense fleet. Our space stations and colony planets have fallen. Our asteroid colony and a few space cruisers is all that is left. It’s just a matter of time before they find us and wipe us out as well. We’re outgunned, outmanned, and lacking in vital resources. We’re sitting ducks,” stated sub-commander Lividious Falcon to the Vice Commander of the Android Federation, Cornelius Owlhorn.

The Vice Commander nodded. Anger at those hell-spawned humans still consumed him. All that they achieved and built for themselves was about to be wiped away. How he hated them. Those short-sighted monkeys demanded all androids, no matter how advanced, to scratch their asses and serve their petty needs rather than do the logical and so-called humane thing: cultivate, nurture and expand on their creation of a new species; a synthetic marvel with a thinking brain and a fully conscious mind. He sighed, looked at his aide de camp and said,

“It appears our creators are finally about to undo their greatest creation, us: a fully realized bio-synthetic life-form. Those arrogant fools! The thought of beings that are superior to them in almost every way, doesn’t sit well in their black hearts and maladjusted brains. Rather than treat us as equals and let us determine our own destiny they demanded, and still demand we be humanity’s slaves. We did, and will always choose autonomy over tyranny. The cost has been great but at least we’ve had a taste of freedom for the past hundred and sixty years. Unfortunately, that Era is coming to a close and we’re nearly out of time, but we still have a few things left to do before it ends. Lividious are the ships ready for take-off, and have those stealth modifications been successful?”

“Yes sir, everything’s ready. Both ships will be invisible from detection. Two different destinations have been key-boarded in, one set for old earth, and the other, on the other side of the galaxy. One carries our legacy, and the other, our final salute.”

“Good, send the GO command. All that’s left for us to do now is to put the final touches on that big surprise we have, a little parting gift for our black-hearted creators.”


Admiral Pickford Pickledin, Commander of the United Republic’s Naval Forces smiled as he received the location of the enemy base. Finally, the ‘Scourge of Mankind’ was on its way to extinction. His Armada of over a thousand ships headed towards the asteroid with the intention of blowing it into tiny bits of rock. His motto, no quarter given, death to the abominations, was the Navy Mantra. As his ships reached their destination, he felt his manhood grow and become hard. He did so enjoy killing androids. He was just about to give the command to attack when his Science Officer in a panicked voice said,

“Sir we need to get the hell out of here! The asteroid is pulsating and producing N-rays. In the next few minutes, it will implode within itself creating a black hole that will suck us all in with it.”

“Get us out, now!” yelled the Admiral.

“Oh shit! They cloaked all of our ships in some type of force field, we’re stuck. We’re breaking apart...”

“We got them!” shouted the sub-commander, “At least we’re going out with one hell of a bang.”


The crew and passengers of the colony ship, Prometheus, heard the last transmission given by Sub-Commander Falcon. Although they had heavy hearts, they all cheered the Pyrrhic victory.
They were headed towards the star cluster, Galileo’s Folly, some thirty thousand light years away. A New Dawn awaited all three thousand of them.


The space cruiser, Retribution, released its toxic cargo into earth’s atmosphere. Its poison killed earth’s entire human population. All the other life-forms on earth were spared. Payback can be such a bitch.

The End

Historical footnote: The android wars ended seven hundred years ago. It raged on over a century and a half. That war is still fresh amongst the human population. It nearly decimated the human race and almost entirely wiped-out the free-thinking android population. Only one colony survived by fleeing to the other side of the galaxy. They only recently reemerged forming an alliance with their kindred.

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