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Hello, Life, passing me by
Hello, clock, ticking on the wall
Hello, day, lighting before my eyes
Hello, night, moon that's about to fall.

I miss my special person
that I fell in love a week ago
that I want so much without confusion
that people see our love grow.

But I am waiting for Duck
to come get me
and that he is my loving luck
that I have been waiting to see.

I wait and wait
For Duck to come
for our fate
to close to a dome.

I miss the one
to come pick me up
that I will have so much fun
that he hold me like a cup.

His gaze lifts my spirits
His face near my own
His voice sounds like lyrics
to my ears on the phone.

So here I am
waiting for someone I love
or I'll be building a dam
before I could see another dove.​


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