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Waiting in May, 2018

The first few days in May, before the leaves sprout on the branches and the sun is hot, leave one feeling as if in a place of disequilibrium. One might feel great joy at the anticipation of seeing a field of emerald, but confusion at sitting in the shade of leafless tree branches. The shadow casted over one’s head is of a spindly frayed umbrella. It reminds one of the long winter and the continued wait for more days to come of more unpredictable weather. It leaves one sympathizing with the children in the back seat of the car after a long and difficult drive asking, “Are we there yet?” And you know the answer remains, “No! Be patient, we will be there soon.” Even knowing that you will get there soon, the child inside still kicks that back of the seat and demands an answer even though there isn’t a definitive time. Although I know it will happen, I remain disappointed and frustrated. Why do we have to wait so damn long, and yet continue to wait even though the sun is hot and there is no shade?


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